1. M

    Not her first, but her best gangbang so far

    I wrote this up a couple of years ago and figured I'd share here. My SO and I have been together for over15 years, but only started experimenting with "swinging" and "hotwifing" about six years ago. We’re presently in our mid 30s - early 40s and the story below happened early Summer 2019 and...
  2. Deep inside the wife

    Deep inside the wife

  3. Perverted Bidad

    My 2 year old is another man’s …

    Me two year old belong to another man. When I found out she was cheated I zeroed in on who it was made friends invited him over got super fucked up and went and brutally fucked my stupid slut while she was trying to go to bed stone cold sober. I let him stay three days during which time called...
  4. S

    Any bulls on

    My wife travels a lot and enjoys meeting bulls in every city but she's not had much luck lately. She mostly uses the swinger site just curious if anyone on here uses that site.
  5. Bull roughs her up

    Bull roughs her up

    Bulls can treat her as they please
  6. Spanked Pawg

    Spanked Pawg

    Bull left her cheeks sore
  7. 😈


    Doggystyle at the hotel