1. Couple4MFM

    My Buddies first time with my Wife

    I have a good friend with whom I have been friends since before my wife and I was married. He met my wife before I did back in college, but they were only friends and were never romantic. He was in our wedding, and over the years, he has always lusted for my wife, but he has never said anything...
  2. P

    Wife going on a girls night out tonight.

    My wife is going on a girls night out tonight. She was trying on a few dresses yesterday and modelled a strapless blue dress that totally exposes her shoulders and shows plenty of thigh. No pic of her sorry, she doesn't know I'm on here but the closest approximation I can find is below. Of...
  3. Bra and Panties with Heels

    Bra and Panties with Heels

    Two years ago an old college buddy of mine was in South Florida on vacation and came by to visit. We had not seen each other in 35 years and we invited him to stay in a spare bedroom. My wife came out in heels and matching panties and bra. I had told her this guy managed to fuck all my girlfriends
  4. J


    I had an awesome encounter this past weekend, the resumption of a seduction that started more than a year ago, February in pre-pandemic times. I have some close friends, Dale and Anne, a couple that I’ve known for about twenty years. The husband is a voyeur, who’s had fantasies and encouraged...
  5. Pistil

    Bliss and guilt part one

    I have to get this off my chest: I did something and now I have mixed feelings. I feel fantastic and guilty, mostly I feel like a pervert! Let me tell you what happened this weekend. I belong to a group of women who meet once a month to wine, dine, chat, and in general have a good time. This...