Bliss and guilt part one


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Feb 25, 2019
I have to get this off my chest: I did something and now I have mixed feelings. I feel fantastic and guilty, mostly I feel like a pervert! Let me tell you what happened this weekend.
I belong to a group of women who meet once a month to wine, dine, chat, and in general have a good time. This past Saturday we met for dinner at one of our friend’s home. Her son was spending the weekend there with a college friend and they were milling about, smooching the food and wine. Well, at some point this kid walks up to me and engages in conversation, he was flirty, somehow cocky and was carrying on about exercising, when he mentioned something about wanting me to be his personal trainer. Cindy, one of the women in the group happens to be a personal trainer, and as I am a bit on the fluffy side and not athletically inclined, I figured he had me confused and was referring to her. When I said so, he looked at me confidently and simply replied “No, I’m not confused, I would want YOU to train me”. He looked intently into my eyes for few seconds and carried on, leaving me flattered, but shaken. A few moments later he deliberately looked at me after he used the word MILF during conversation with his friends. Hmmmm?

He was definitely hitting on me!

I became flustered, looked around, this kid was in a group of middle-aged women, friends of his buddy's mother and was openly hitting on me. He was good looking, and ripped. I could not quite understand, there must have been a dozen of girls his age that would have killed to go out with him.
A little bit later, he intently looked at me and said "Think about it", turned and moved on.

It was quite an ego boost, and I just saw him from afar the rest of the evening, but when I got home, I was really aroused by the conversation.

I had almost forgotten about it when Sunday noon I received a text from an unknown number, I was startled when I read the words:

"Did you think about it?"

OMG, I was not expecting this.
Completely off guard, I went to my husband, who I had not mentioned what had happened and laid it all out.
He smiled and said "Do you want to do this? Because if you do, I can go to town to run some errands, and give you some privacy".
I bit my lip, my brain said “This is crazy”, while the throbbing between my thighs said "Obviously you want this".
“Yes I do!” I confessed to him.

Kissing me on the lips, my husband said “Well, have fun, and please share with me the details later”.

I texted him back, and gave him our address, to which he replied: “I’ll be there in 30 minutes”.

To make a long story short, here I am, not sure what is more swollen, my ego or my pussy.

The details… I guess I can get to that latter, after I deal with my husband’s hard on.

Now the details… I was bent on setting the scenario, I ran to the kitchen, did a quick check and settled for some cheese and grapes and popped open a bottle of white wine. I considered the Champagne but sometimes it gives me a headache and that is something I did not need.
I served myself a glass, weird, I felt I had to calm the flutters in my belly. Hell, this was probably an unexperienced college kid, why was I nervous?
I took everything to the deck, the weather was ideal, I checked the temperature on the hot tub and it was perfect, I set up a small table with the wine, cheese, and fruits, and started playing my favorite playlist.
I carefully positioned two chairs about three feet apart with a small table to one side, I actually picked a taller chair for myself and a lower one for him. I wanted him to have the visual vantage point.
I ran to the shower, carefully soaped myself and then soaped myself once again. I used my almond soap, it leaves a nice scent, I felt that the perfume I usually apply to my neck and inner thighs might be a bit much. I dried, brushed, looked down, checked my bush and considered some trimming, kids his age are unaccustomed to pubic hair. I turned to Paul as he was ready to leave and asked him “Should I trim?” he gently pushed me back on the bed and spread my thighs saying “Let him see what a real woman looks like” ran the tip of his finger between my lips and whispered “I thought you just showered, you are already moist”. He gave me a kiss and left.
I picked a pretty set from my lingerie drawer, thought about what dress should I wear and then on second thought a very sexy silk kimono robe I had ordered from Agent Provocateur.
I did a twirl, thought about it, decided to be very naughty and took the bra and panties off.
Before long I received his text “I’m here”, I replied “Come around the back, I am in the garden” as I sat in my chair and waited for him, while my heart was pounding and my inner-thighs throbbing with anticipation.
He walked in looking rather flustered, I saw he had made an effort to dress up, I liked that. He had a pair of khakis and a Polo shirt that nicely contoured his broad chest and pecs.
I stood, gave him a peck looking straight into his eyes and motioned him to the chair, I turned my back, knowing that the gown was clingy and laughingly asked, “Are you old enough to drink?”
“Yes ma’am, I am 23”, which was probably a lie but I knew he was of legal age. The ma’am part did make me cringe though.
“Call me Anabelle”, I muttered, there was no place for formalities under the circumstances.
Noticing his nervousness, as I handed him his wine glass I said “So…. Great timing, I have the afternoon free, as my husband is out of town”, well-knowing that he was probably not far waiting for my “come back home” call.
Teasing him, I asked “Tell me this about being a MILF, what do you mean by that?”
He got all red and mumbled something about that being the way that guys his age refer to attractive older women.