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    on my knees training
  2. NikkiRiven

    Naughty mistress open for almost anything

    Before I dive deep into detail let me give you a heads up about what motivates me to do this whole mistress thingy. At first I was spending time reading stuff at Literotica, you know girly things but then it hit me! I found some BDSM masterpieces and oh well I started expanding my horizons until...
  3. Pistil

    Bliss and guilt, part two

    Noticing his embarrassment, I leaned forward, touched his face and smiling said “It’s Okay, I’m flattered”. I was enjoying toying with him, I uncrossed, then re-crossed my legs, making sure the gown slipped a bit and gave him a good look at my thighs, exposing the pale skin in contrast with the...
  4. Pistil

    Bliss and guilt part one

    I have to get this off my chest: I did something and now I have mixed feelings. I feel fantastic and guilty, mostly I feel like a pervert! Let me tell you what happened this weekend. I belong to a group of women who meet once a month to wine, dine, chat, and in general have a good time. This...
  5. C

    Handling Break Between Orgasms

    The whole cuckhold thing to me is very sexy up to the point I cum. Then I struggle to engage with any of it until this down period is over. That can last a little while. For example, when my girl tells me I'm going to practice for her by eating my cum after I cum in her, I get really excited...