Bliss and guilt, part two


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Feb 25, 2019
Noticing his embarrassment, I leaned forward, touched his face and smiling said “It’s Okay, I’m flattered”.
I was enjoying toying with him, I uncrossed, then re-crossed my legs, making sure the gown slipped a bit and gave him a good look at my thighs, exposing the pale skin in contrast with the black silky robe.
He tried to keep his eyes focused on my face but they kept wandering down, I looked at him intently, took a sip of my wine, slipped the other hand under the robe, cupping my breast and said “So, you told me you found me attractive, tell me more, what do you like about me?, I certainly don’t look like your college friends”, meanwhile letting the robe fall a bit, exposing some breast, belly and thigh.
His expression changed and he became quiet, he looked uneasy, eyes darting over my body.
I decided to throw all caution to the wind and said
“I know why you are here and that is why I invited you over”, I turned to face him letting the gown open completely,
“Stand up and come here,” and when he did, I pulled him by the belt, wrapped my hand around his neck and began to kiss him.
He began to probe clumsily, so I said “Wait, you asked me to train you, and I will”. I began to kiss his face, to gently nibble his lips and then probe him with my tongue slowly, gently.
I pulled back and said, “Now it’s your turn” and he began to kiss me in a similar manner.
Fast learner, “I will train you to love and please me the way I want it!”
I stood and said: “Take off my robe”. Trembling he slipped it off my shoulders and finding that I was totally naked left him breathless.
I began to unbutton his shirt, he tried to help me but I said:
“No! I want to do this”, I proceeded to untying his shoes, unbuckling his belt and as I did so feel him hardening, very much so!
I took my time and soon was on my knees with my fingers around the elastic of his shorts, waiting till I could see the effect I had on him, letting him feel the warmth of my breath on his inner-thighs, waiting to see what was in store for me. I was not disappointed. As I peeled down his shorts, a beautiful cock emerged springing up, curving towards his bellybutton as only youth allows.
I had planned to seduce him in the hot tub but I was too far gone, I wanted him now, I took him by the hand and said “come with me!”
He followed me obediently as we headed towards my bedroom.
I had left all the blinds up, ambiance lights on and the large dressing mirror at the foot of my bed strategically oriented.
I laid down and told him:
“I want you to look at me, I want you to get a very good look at me and I will show you how to please me”
The look on his face was priceless, his eyes roamed over my body,
By this time, I was flushed, the skin on my chest blotchy, my nipples erect, I was hoping he could read the signs of arousal, because aroused I was.
His gaze kept on wandering towards my bush, so I asked: “You have not seen a woman with hair, have you?”

“Never” he said hoarsely
“Come here, kneel here” I said motioning towards the foot of the bed.
And when he was very close, I said, “look at me, this is what I want to share”, as I spread my thighs and gave him what was his first glimpse. I knew I was sopping wet, I knew I was swollen, I knew I was ready, and I was going to milk this.
“Do you like what you see? Do you want to feel me, taste me? The look on his face said it all, but he would have to wait.
He is tall, about as tall as my husband, he is muscular, not bodybuilder type but muscular.
Almost hairless as compared to my Paul, he had rugged features but an almost innocent demeanor.
I knelt and began to kiss his face again, neck, chest, nipples, and felt them harden and him shudder as I nibbled on them. I continued to explore his body with my lips, with the tip of my tongue, his hard abdomen, his ripped six pack, I deliberately kept my hands away from him, letting him concentrate on feeling my mouth over his body. I kept moving down further, passing his groin, I felt his balls ripple. I then ran the tip of my tongue along his cock till I felt a small pool of juices collecting at the tip. I nibbled my way down then took his cock in my mouth. I saw mesmerized that he was quite thick, quite large. The veins on his cock looked like a vine running towards his cockhead and a nice plum-like head with a pool of precum awaited me.
I licked, I sucked, I tasted him, my hand behind his balls gauging his reactions, ready to halt at any threat of him cumming till I had had my fill.
Yes, this was for my enjoyment as much as his.
I licked his scrotum, worked my way up his shaft, soon had him moaning, at times almost whimpering, when I said.
You want me now?
He scrambled up, his cock hard as a rock, I rolled him on his back and straddled him.
“I want you to see what you will be getting” I told him as I moved over his face, “you are going to learn how to please a woman” as I knelt above him.
“Spread my lips” I ordered,
I knew I was swollen, wet, pulsating. I wanted him to get a good look at my clitoris, which felt like it was about to explode.
He very eagerly complied, he was actually quite gifted and I soon found myself telling him:
“Now, taste me, now lick me, he began tentatively but soon became quite enthusiastic, he seemed to read me and follow my cues and before long he had me shaking and I exploded in a terrific orgasm, feeding him (I later learned), some pent-up juices.
When my breath normalized, I kissed his lips, tasting myself on them and said, “you are good” and with that, I moved my hips above his cock.
I was my turn to impress him, I placed a pillow under his head so he could watch, listen, smell and feel what was about to transpire, I began by rubbing him between my lips then taking the tip of his cock at my entrance moving, squeezing, milking, then looking at his face as I slowly but inexorably took him in.
When fully impaled, I had to stop and adjust, this kid was big, I felt him up to my bellybutton.
I remained motionless but allowed my vaginal muscles to work on him. The effect of all the Kegels I have done in my life…. His expression was priceless! I was milking him for what he was worth and I began to feel the build-up.
I knew he was not going to last much longer… at least this first time. We were both too worked up so I began to slide fully, to travel the entire length of his cock, I would pause when the tip reached my entrance and the plunged feeling him bottom out. My pussy was so wet it was making all kind of noises, we both took in the sounds and smell of fucking.
I rotated, I tried every angle till I found what seemed to please him the most and then concentrated.
It was lovely, he began to shake, he grasped me so firmly, he tried to control himself and that made me more relentless. I churned till I felt him tighten, he lifted his pelvis, he tried to reach the deepest corner of me and then I felt him moan, I felt his contractions in my pussy, he shook his head, let out a scream and began to cum, I felt his cum running up his cock, filling me, feeling me, and finally both collapsing into a heap, catching our breaths, and my ego soaring as he kept on saying,
“This is amazing, this is amazing, I never knew it could feel this good, my God I never knew”
I had done my good deed for the day, and had done my pay it forward.