1. L

    How to convince her..?

    Hello, first time posting here. Me (M25) and my wife (F32) are together for a year now and I really would love to share her with a another Male, but I’m afraid of telling her, even though I tried the questionnaire and she is no way wants to try threesomes etc.. I don’t want to ruin the...
  2. H

    Want to go further

    Hello. My gf and I are participants in the lifestyle and I am looking for some advice. I am hoping to get her involved in breeding but she is resistant and nervous. She says she likes the idea but it makes her concerned for a few reasons including what family would think when they found out. I...
  3. D

    Need woman’s opinion for a friend

    I am currently trying to help a friend and his wife go there first time I need a woman’s opinion on it can any female dm me and I’ll explain further thank you
  4. D

    My woman says she wants me to find a guy for her.

    Here's the situation. I have this kink that I have been keeping to myself for most of our relationship. About 4 years ago, I got her to give me the ok to post her pictures on reddit. Mostly I just wanted to see what other dudes would say. I screwed up and that came to an end. She doubts her...


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