1. Tabitharigby

    Wife for Skinny Dipping NUDE

    Wife went skinny dipping fully naked outside in broad daylight!!
  2. M

    The Brothers - Part 3

    Victor assured her he didn't think she was as slut. He had her body pulled up against his and began to kiss her neck while his hands were squeezing her ass. Lisa and Victor began kissing and then Lisa pulled away and said "I think it's bed time for me!" and went inside. We followed as she got 3...
  3. M

    The Brothers - Part 2

    We decided to head back to the house because I saw headlights coming our way. As we walked up the steps I was behind Lisa because the steps were narrow. When we got to the deck Lisa stopped suddenly and shrieked. I looked over her shoulders to see what was wrong and saw Damon standing there...
  4. M

    The Brothers - Part 1

    Some time back we attended a funeral for a friend Lisa grew up with. He was married to her best friend for years but died of cancer at only 36 years old. After the funeral we all met at her friends house as is customary. She introduced me to several of her old friends, most of the male but a...