The Brothers - Part 2


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Sep 1, 2016
East Texas
We decided to head back to the house because I saw headlights coming our way. As we walked up the steps I was behind Lisa because the steps were narrow. When we got to the deck Lisa stopped suddenly and shrieked. I looked over her shoulders to see what was wrong and saw Damon standing there looking straight at us, a cooler in one hand and a beer in the other. There was no where for Lisa to go, she was so stunned she just stood there with her hands over her mouth. I pushed her forward and she finally spoke and said "Damon, when did you get here?" He said "I just arrived and I guess my timing is perfect!" and he grinned. Lisa looked at me and asked "Did you know he was coming?" I told her "I told you I invited him but he never said whether he was coming or not". Lisa must have stood there for 2 or 3 minutes totally naked. I finally pushed her again and she started walking toward the house. Damon placed his cooler on a chair and as she got near him he put his arms out for a hug. Lisa gave him a quick hug then said "can I get something on please?" and pushed past him. I put my shorts on and we all went inside. Lisa grabbed her a silk night gown cover up and put it on and tied the belt. When she came out she asked if it was just him. Damon said "I think Little Victor is planning on driving down after work. He should be on his way, I hope it's ok?" Lisa said it was fine but they'd have to share a room or one of them would need to sleep on the couch.

We sat down on the sofa, there was a chair but it was broken and uncomfortable so we sat side by side on the couch. I went outside to get our booze and grabbed a chair and brought it in. I set in in front facing the couch, passed everyone a beer and then passed the Hot Damn around a couple of times, and then sat in the chair facing them. Lisa was getting a bit tipsy by then. She gets flirty and talkative when she's buzzed and she was now both. We sat there and drank for about an hour when there was a knock on the door. I looked over and waved Little Victor in. They called him "Little Victor", despite him being 6'2" tall, after his grandfather. He came in and said hello then sat down by Lisa on the couch. Lisa gave him a hug and I noticed that her robe came open a bit as she did, if Victor looked down he'd get a nice view of her tits! Her shaved pussy was just barely visible as well, but only from my point of view. Lisa got up and showed him around the house, walked him downstairs and showed him the outside shower and the pool table, then came back upstairs and asked if we wanted to walk to the beach. Damon was already shitfaced drunk! He was nodding off sitting there and so I told her I was going to show him where to sleep and then the 3 of us would go. I escorted him to the bedroom and showed him the bed. He didn't bother undressing, he just fell across it sideways.

Lisa and "Little Victor" were already outside by the pool when I walked out. I told Lisa to lead the way and then directed Victor behind her, I grabbed the 2 chairs that were outside and carried them down. We got onto the beach and I set them down and went back for our cooler and booze. Lisa and Victor were down by the water so I grabbed a beer and joined them. I asked Victor if he wanted one but he said he didn't drink. He then asked, "Do you mind though if I smoke a joint? I won't if it bothers you." Lisa then said "Oh! I want to smoke one! I haven't smoked in a long time!". Victor lit his joint and we all took a few hits. I thought Lisa was talkative when she was buzzed but she was giggling and talking up a storm! Victor lit another one and when we finished it we walked back to the chairs. I sat down and Lisa sat on my lap. Victor moved his chair facing us from the side, only about a foot or so away. Lisa was sitting sideways on my lap facing him, I had my hand between her thighs which were spread just a few inches apart. As we talked Victor asked her if she'd like to try something else. Lisa asked, "Like what?" He said, "Ecstacy". Lisa still had the giggles and asked him what does it do. He tried to explain but finally said "Just try it! I promise it's great!" I guess the pot and booze had her in the right frame of mind so she agreed. We each to 1 "hit" and then smoke some more pot.

As we sat there I had moved my other hand around her waist slightly loosening her belt, which caused her robe to open a bit more. I also slid my hand further up her thigh spreading her legs a bit more. Victor obviously noticed and was trying not to stare at her 1/2 exposed breasts or her nearly completely naked pussy. He asked her questions about how she knew Damon and Delton. She laughed and said it was too embarrassing to talk about. He refused to let it go and every few minutes asked her again. About 45 minutes or so after we took the X I started feeling pretty good, a euphoric feeling and no longer felt sleepy at all. Apparently Lisa was too because she was talking more and more. I asked her to stand up because my leg was falling asleep and Victor quickly volunteered to let her sit on his lap. She laughed and made a joke about finding out if he really was "LITTLE" Victor and she sat in his lap with her arms around his neck. Her robe was up in the back and her bare ass was on his knee. One hand was resting against her ass and the other was on her thigh. Lisa was moving around and finally said she wanted to go swimming. She jumped up and said come on, she removed her robe and tossed it to Victor and ran towards the water.

I took off my shorts and walked toward her. A few seconds later a naked Victor ran past me and over to Lisa. He grabbed her and lifted her in the air and ran out into the water. I joined them and we played in the waves, they would rise above our waist and then back down around our knees. I could see Victor was sporting an erection, I didn't blame him because I was too. He cock was probably around 5 or 6" long but it was extremely thick. Lisa splashed us both with water and ran further out. We joined her and I then noticed another car coming our direction. I ran back up and grabbed Lisa's robe, Victor's clothes, plus the 2 chairs and carried them back up to the pool. I then came down and got the ice chest and carried it up. I put my shorts back on and walked back to the beach. The car was driving slowly toward where we were. In an effort to hide from it Lisa and Victor were lying in the surf. You couldn't tell they were naked but anyone looking would probably think they were. Finally the car passed and I walked down to where they were. They were talking but Victor was feeling her ass as they did. He quickly removed his hand as I walked up. I smiled and asked if they'd prefer the pool since the beach traffic hadn't shut down. They agreed and we all walked up the stairs, Lisa first, then Victor, and lastly me. I tapped Victor on the arm and motioned toward Lisa's ass just inches from his face. He took the hint and reached up and grabbed it running his fingers between her legs. Lisa didn't respond and kept walking. She rinsed off in the pool shower and then got in the pool. We each did the same and I swam over to her and pulled her toward me and leaned against the side of the pool.

Victor seemed unsure what to do and Lisa turned and leaned back into me. I grabbed both breasts with my hands as Victor walked over to us. The pool was lighted and we were standing in waist deep water. As he walked up Lisa told him "My god I feel fantastic, but boy am I fucked up!". He laughed and said, "Well then you at least owe me an answer to my question". "What question?" Lisa asked. "How do you know Damon and Delton?". Lisa stammered a bit and I whispered to her, "Go ahead and tell him. He probably knows anyway". She finally relented and said, "Ok, but it's embarrassing." She then told him how she'd dated Delton in high school and that they were smoking pot in his house one night when Damon came in. He gave them a hard time at first about the pot but then started smoking with them and they all started drinking too. She said before she knew it she was having sex with Damon while Delton sat beside us on the bed watching a porno on tv. Victor had his arms around her waist as she talked and Lisa's hands were around his waist. She told him the entire story and then said Delton had dumped her afterward and she felt horrible about it. That's why she didn't want him to know, because she didn't want him to think she was some slut.