The Brothers - Part 1


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Sep 1, 2016
East Texas
Some time back we attended a funeral for a friend Lisa grew up with. He was married to her best friend for years but died of cancer at only 36 years old. After the funeral we all met at her friends house as is customary. She introduced me to several of her old friends, most of the male but a couple of females. As we talked I saw 2 guys walk in with what appeared to be a teenage boy, he appeared to be 15 or 16 years old. As soon as she saw them Lisa turned and walked out of the room and to the back yard. I followed her and asked her what was up. She told me she saw someone she didn't particularly want to talk to. I was obviously curious about this so I asked her why. After several minutes she finally told me she was embarrassed to face him. Now I was really curious and kept pressuring her for information. She eventually explained that she had dated one of the 2 guys but had gotten high at his house one night and ended up sleeping with his older brother! Her boyfriend at the time was there sitting on the bed talking to them as they had sex. Later they all 3 slept in the same bed together, she was naked between them and ended up having sex with both of them!! They broke up a few days later because the boyfriend couldn't get over the fact she'd fucked his brother. At the time she was barely 18, the same age as her boyfriend, and his brother was 28.

No sooner had she finished telling me this when they all 3 walked outside. The oldest, Damon, walked over and asked "you're Lisa, right?". She blushed and said yes and then the other brother, Delton, said "Wow! It's been 15 years since we've seen you! You look great!". Lisa thanked him and asked how they were doing. Both were divorced and living together. Their mother had passed away 2 years earlier and they were raising their younger brother, the teenager with them, Victor. Victor had just graduated high school and was headed to college in a few months. Lisa introduced me to the brothers and Delton said, "Lisa and I dated back in high school. If I'd had any sense I would have married her instead of her friend". Lisa seemed uncomfortable talking about this in front of me, or maybe at all, and asked if I wanted a drink. I told her I'd get us one and walked away before she could protest. I went inside and grabbed a couple of beers then stopped to talk to Lisa's brother in law for a few minutes before returning. When I walked outside things seemed more comfortable, Lisa and the 3 brothers were all laughing and cutting up. When I walked up Lisa took her beer and they all stopped talking.

We stayed for about another hour talking to all her old friends, Damon stayed close by but the others wandered off. Finally it was time to go so Lisa went to tell her friend goodbye. Damon and Delton came of and shook my hand and told me I was a lucky guy. They then asked to swap numbers with me saying they'd like to get together for some drinks sometime. I gave them my number and Lisa's and they both gave me theirs. Victor came over and shook my hand and hugged Lisa. She told him "you were barely born the last time I saw you. You've grown up to be a sexy man!" He blushed and thanked her and then we left. On the drive home I asked her if she enjoyed seeing all her old friends. She told me she was terribly embarrassed running into the Weeks brothers but she guessed it was ok. We chatted some more about that night and she explained that after Delton broke up with her she "hooked up" with Damon several times but then broke it off. She said she was still hung up on Delton and seeing Damon seemed too weird. I told her we'd exchanged numbers and they were wanting to get together sometime for drinks. She seemed to be less than thrilled with that idea but said she'd think about it.

Damon called several times over the next month inviting us out but Lisa always had a reason to say no. He called me again about 3 months later and I told him we were spending the weekend at a beach house but he was welcome to come. I gave him the address and directions and he said he'd think about it, it was only about an hour and a half away. I told him we'd make room for him one way or another. The house only sleeps 4 and another couple was coming but there was room for an air mattress in the living room and it has a large deck that wraps around the entire house and a nice pool. The next day we left for the beach. We got to the beach house and set up and Lisa and I hit the pool by around 1:30. At around 4:00 my phone rang. My friend Carl was supposed to come with his wife but he was going to have to work so they couldn't come. I told Lisa that it would probably just be us. She was disappointed but we agreed that we were still going to have fun.

We went to the beach around 6:00 and relaxed then grabbed a bite to eat nearby before returning to the beach house. We each took a shower and then decided to get in the pool. It was nearly 9:00 and the sun was setting so the view was beautiful. We splashed about for a minute and then Lisa took her top off and tossed it onto a chair near the house. I then dove down and removed her bottoms so that she was naked. I got out of the pool and took her top and bottoms inside and returned with an ice chest full of beer and a bottle of Hot Damn. I took off my shorts and got in handing Lisa the bottle of Hot Damn and a beer. We passed the bottle back and forth a few times and then drank some beer. We moved over to the steps and sat down talking and kissing some. After a bit Lisa went inside to use the bathroom and I got out of the pool and walked down toward the beach. It was dark and the beach was empty so I walked down by the water. Lisa joined me a few minutes later and we waded in the edge of the water both totally naked.
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