The Brothers - Part 3


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Sep 1, 2016
East Texas
Victor assured her he didn't think she was as slut. He had her body pulled up against his and began to kiss her neck while his hands were squeezing her ass. Lisa and Victor began kissing and then Lisa pulled away and said "I think it's bed time for me!" and went inside. We followed as she got 3 towels. We dried off and Lisa turned and went into the bedroom and got in bed. I followed and Victor leaned in the room and asked "where should I sleep? Damon is passed out taking up the entire bed." Lisa said "I don't know, where ever you want" and laughed. I lay there trying to sleep but was wide awake. Lisa apparently was too because she kept moving back and forth. Finally she got up and walked into the living room. I heard her say "Victor that couch is too small for you! Just come in here" and she and Victor walked in holding hands. Lisa got in by me and Victor on the other side. We were all lying on top of the sheets because all of us were too warm. I just lay still trying to sleep but the bed kept moving. I heard Lisa moan and say "Mmmm....that feels good!" so I turned on my side and saw Victor's hand between her thighs playing with her pussy. He was kissing her ear and neck as he did and eventually began sucking on her breast. Lisa's hand went up and held his head in place. She reached over with her other hand and grabbed my arm and I heard her say "Are we really doing this?" and she laughed. Victor replied "I sure hope so!" and then continued sucking on her tit. I turned and began sucking on the other one. Victor was fingering her and I could hear how wet she was getting.

After a bit he turned onto his back and pulled Lisa on top of him. She slid down between his legs with his hard dick in her hands and looked up. As she licked the shaft of his cock she said "I'm not sure if I can give you a proper blow job" but then she began trying to fit him inside her mouth. He pulled down on her head as his hips rose to meet her mouth but after several seconds she apologized and said "I'm sorry, I can't". She then crawled up his legs and began rubbing her pussy on his cock. He pulled her further and had her straddle his face and began to eat her twat! It took about a minute before she moaned "I"m cumming! Oh my God!" and she shook all over. She finally pushed away and slid back down and started trying to get him inside her. I moved down so I could see better as she reached between her legs and grabbed his dick. She started inching her way down but warned him "I have to go slow for this! You remind me of Damon!" and she laughed. She slid down until about an inch was inside her when he grabbed her hips and shoved it the rest of the way in! She made a loud grunting sound and then whimpered but said "Oh baby...god that feels good!" She bounced up and down on him and then he rolled her over and got on top and in one move entered her again. When he did she moaned "God Yes! Please give it to me!" and he began fucking her hard. I could tell he was cumming about 2 minutes in but he only paused for a few seconds, and never seemed to lose his erection, before he started pounding her again.

Lisa came at least 2 more times, the last time she moaned out loud "Oh Mike! What is he doing to me? My God I can't come anymore!" and she shook all over and then just let go of him. He finished up a minute later and lay there on top of her. I got back on the bed and noticed we had company standing in the door watching. Damon was leaning against the side with a big grin on his face. He stood there a bit then went back to bed. Victor finally stood up and leaned over and kissed Lisa on the mouth. She grabbed his cock and began to suck on it and played with his balls, easier to do now that it was no longer hard. But, a young fellow like that gets up again in a minute. She finally felt him getting erect again and said "Oh NO! I'm done young man! You're a damn sex machine!" and she pushed him away. She then got up and took a shower. I joined her and Victor joined us as well. We soaped her up and kissed her all over but she wasn't willing for more sex.

Eventually we went back to bed. I finally fell asleep but not for long. When I woke they weren't there. I walked out and they were sitting by the pool, still naked, talking. I went back to bed and she came to bed about dawn. We slept most the day and then hit the beach that evening. I asked Lisa what she thought about the weekend and she said she guessed she couldn't stop from embarrassing herself in front of the Weeks boys! She did admit she had a great time and hoped to see Victor again before he went back to college...she did! She also invited Damon over for a party at our house as well. More revelations from that night came out later.

Sorry for posting in 3 parts, I didn't realize we were limited to 10,000 characters.