1. Hot session with Megan

    Hot session with Megan

    All I videod from a hot session. Teased her pussy a bit before she sucks my cock, give her fat juicy ass a little spanking before creating waves in that juicy fat ass
  2. Some spanking

    Some spanking

  3. Pounding megan

    Pounding megan

    Clapping her fat ass
  4. Everyday is a Sexy Day

    Everyday is a Sexy Day

  5. Louise after spanking

    Louise after spanking

  6. B


    Central Ky
  7. hermano33s

    Bondage ! Spanking !

    Hey post your wife in bondages ! Spanking pics or vids ! For those who seek privacy , Dm is Open !
  8. 63153668778634651165.MOV


    Wife's first time being loaned to some friends of ours.
  9. Slapping my ass

    Slapping my ass

  10. B

    Bull Pounding Hot Wife!

    A new thread to share your favorite videos and pics of your hung bulls pleasuring your wives. I’ll start off with a video of me fucking my first hot wife a few months back. I loved the experience so much and have been on a fucking spree since so have plenty more to share 😈 Hope you all enjoy...
  11. 695012_Sweet_Melissa_gets_BBC_DEEP.wmv.m4v


    From the much longer video shot in 2009. Who's going to be my new one?
  12. 453_1000.jpg


  13. Erotic spanking

    Erotic spanking

  14. D

    Cucked wives that demand a dom....and firm hand

    Over the course of my many years as a swinger, dom, fetishist, kinkster and, particularly a dom bull, I have come across (no punt intended, of course!) many couples where the wife is not just satisfied with a decent cock inside her, but also craves for the firm hand and control that her...


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