Cucked wives that demand a dom....and firm hand

Nov 25, 2018
London, UK
Over the course of my many years as a swinger, dom, fetishist, kinkster and, particularly a dom bull, I have come across (no punt intended, of course!) many couples where the wife is not just satisfied with a decent cock inside her, but also craves for the firm hand and control that her "defficient" hubby/boyfriend cannot satisfy, usually being sub, himself. Thought I would start a thread to for those who have shared similar experiences, either as that "defficient", that bull.....or the desperate wife/girlfriend. DSCF1356.JPG
Nov 20, 2019
Southern Oregon
My wife and I have always had a great sex life but it was not until she started fucking a bodybuilder ex-soldier on the side that she discovered how turned on she gets from being on the receiving end of rough sex.

It's one thing we haven't gotten into together and she is quite a feminist, but with this guy she would get a massive thrill from it.

He'd choke her while savagely buttfucking her and all kinds of stuff!


Dec 19, 2016
Well, when my wife was just my fiancee, i did not know she had slept with so many men before. She was more "serious", and wanted to be a faithful wife, from what she told me, but was seeing her ex behind my back and sexting with other guys. When i fou d out after we were married, i eventually confronted her, and she told me i was too passive, and never asked her to do daring things, like take her ass, like her ex did. She did apologize after, and remained faithful until i convinced her to go back to him, but from there i was hooked on the lifestyle, and heard it from her that she basically chose me because she thought she could stop being a slut if she was married, but i guess that did not work, hahaha