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    Wife has fun
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  4. Mikesmith17

    Cock extender

    Just purchased one and plan on trying it out on the wife this weekend. Any advice/tips? Hoping she squirts all over it!
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    Wife's first time being loaned to some friends of ours.
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    Fuck, I love married women that SQUIRT!!!
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    He likes to watch me soak through the material before he takes them off. This is all it takes honestly. I just wish he'd stop letting me flood the couch cushions without using towels. There is nowhere dry to sit afterward. >:(
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    All dolled up at a bar looking for a hung BBC in her mini red dress. Thinking she might find more than 1!
  9. BBWnBear914

    New members. Westchester NY.

    Like horny BBW Moms? I got a hot one. Squirts for her big orgasms. Would love to hear from other Dads who share, slut Moms, and hung locals.
  10. Second post

    Second post

    Hey all we’re new to the site and got a lot of great responses so we figured we would post another clip of my naughty little slut wife. Feel free to tell us the dirty things you want to do to her!
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  12. O

    Looking for two huge bwc in ohio

    Wife wants fucked by three at once. Must be clean, have preferably 10+ inches, . For anonymous one time hotel pounding of beautiful busty BBW squirter milf. Amazing woman in bed highly orgasmic and super soaker squirter. This is not a cuck situation stag and vixen. So all the bulls with the over...
  13. Brown Cock

    Brown Cock

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    There's going to be some washing to do in the morning ....
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    Teaching a couple how to make their wife squirt 💦
  16. K

    Any squirters??

    Let's see soaked sheets