stag and vixen

  1. Anal gif hotwife insatiable 2.gif

    Anal gif hotwife insatiable 2.gif

    Nice GIF Mrs. Insatiable getting pounded in her little hole...
  2. N

    Bull, sporty, 40yrs, looking for hotwife / couple mid December in Dubai...

    Bull, sporty, 40yrs, looking for hotwife / couple mid December in Dubai... Images in album.
  3. IMG_1335-1.JPEG


    Looking at the sky...
  4. CuckCoupleGames

    Wife Superimposed - AI to put your wife into your fantasy

    Have a fantasy situation you and your wife would love to see her in a picture of? Send me a fantasy picture that you wish was her in, then a picture of your wife in the same position as the women in the fantasy picture. I will merge the two to put your wife in that position. This only works if...
  5. Mister_De_Sade

    Let's hear what you'd do with her?

    She's petite (5'1", about 100 lbs), tight (in all the right places), has perky tits, and can be very very submissive. I want to hear about (in explicit detail) the filthy things you'd like to do to my petite redhead. Posting your responses in the thread below is preferred. I love sharing her...
  6. Porto_back.jpg


    Just heels...
  7. CdA 003.jpeg

    CdA 003.jpeg

    Stag selected a nice BWC for his vixen/hotwife in Cap d'Agde !
  8. CdA 002.jpeg

    CdA 002.jpeg

    Stag selected a nice vixen for his vixen/hotwife !
  9. CdA 001.jpeg

    CdA 001.jpeg

    Outfit to go out !
  10. IMG_1514.jpeg


    Cap d’Agde France. Outfit for going out that evening…
  11. TheDrkKnight

    Halloween party fantasy

    Halloween is coming up which means wives get to dress up in their sexiest sluttiest outfits and go to parties! This year we were invited to a halloween party with some close friends. Hundreds of people were invited so Im hoping we have some fun! Last night I was fantasizing super hard not...
  12. H

    What would you do with us?

    Looking for a couple to have fun with or horny men and women who are into couples. Send us some dms! She loves big cock, he loves big ass and nice feet 🔥
  13. 2023 Cap d Agde 1.mp4

    2023 Cap d Agde 1.mp4

    Ms. Insatiable goes BWC in Cap d'Agde
  14. 2023 CdA 1.jpg

    2023 CdA 1.jpg

    Ms. Insatiable with her BWC...
  15. IMG_1363.jpeg


    Picked a lover at the bar last night…
  16. J

    Definitions for the Lifestyle: Who agrees on this?

    I see the words "Whore" and "Slut" interchanged all of the time. In my opinion, while they may both refer to a promiscuous woman, they do not by any means mean the same thing. I would like to know who agrees with me on these definitions: SLUT: Noun, Adjective - A person who has no...
  17. Mister_De_Sade

    Not her first, but her best gangbang so far

    I wrote this up a couple of years ago and figured I'd share here. My SO and I have been together for over15 years, but only started experimenting with "swinging" and "hotwifing" about six years ago. We’re presently in our mid 30s - early 40s and the story below happened early Summer 2019 and...
  18. Ready for her bull

    Ready for her bull

    All dressed up in one of her favorite lingerie sets to please her bull
  19. SngleBullMaster

    Colorado couples , Hotwives , or Besties seeking well hung Newbe

    Seeking Colorado Hotwives , Vixens and Besties in need of a good time with a well endowed Widower .... I enjoy petite , well portioned ladies , big breasted , sexy lips , kinky mind , stature any where between 4'9" & 5' 5" nice booty , and enjoys sensual kinky fun ... Any takers ? I am new and...
  20. 2023 Boat 2.jpg

    2023 Boat 2.jpg

    Paddle boarding