1. Las_Vegas_Heisenberg

    It must be a pride thing-POLL

    Cuckold or Stag, there must be some Pride we take in sharing our wives with other men. In most cases a complete stranger. Yes, I know, it's just unexplainably exciting to see our wives being used for another man's pleasure. I'm going to try and list in this poll, what are the 3 top ... "acts" we...
  2. X

    Meet my babe Alina

    Hey guys! My name Is Marvin and I love to present my Girl Alina we are both 26 years old and together for 7 years now. I started in showing her off 4 or 5 years ago and it became more and more an addiciton. My girl knows that I show her off and she is okay with it as long it makes me horny...
  3. S

    Looking to establish a friendship with a BBC!

    My girlfriend doesn't know I joined. I'd like to get to know a few guys and possibly share some pics from time to time.
  4. Hotwife Lilly

    Would love to have another girl suck off my husband with me

    It makes us so hot thinking about it!
  5. A

    My Wife is the Sexiest Woman I Know

    Ok, ok... so maybe I'm biased. I've only just come across this site and I had to sign up and post. It's great to have somewhere that I can talk about the lifestyle as it's something our friends and family don't know about us. My wife and I have been together for 7 years and been active in the...
  6. R

    Hello, I think I am a "Stag"

    Hi. I am new, reading some posts I learn that I am a Stag. Because I love to know that other men watch my wife with sexual desire, and enjoy when they say naugty things about her, with no respect. Thank you, and apologize my english.
  7. Husbands cock

    Husbands cock

  8. B

    Finding Stag/Vixen for MFM Threesome

    While I have over 10 years of experience as a bull for cuckold couples, I've had less luck finding stag/vixen couples for threesomes. Curious what approaches have you used that have been successful? Are there any websites or apps that are better for MFM than cuckolding? Also, I'm searching for...
  9. Q

    I Fucked his wife and I can fuck yours next

    I fucked his wife and can fuck yours too! A very serious fit discreet bull ready to help you step into this lifestyle Message me privately your snap to keep in touch and make it happen
  10. m&mlsek21416

    Oklahoma couple looking for bull

    Iso hung bull for wife play
  11. FBCBE88B-2FE2-4815-8234-EF2E4221125F.jpeg


    Who can get it hard ?
  12. Q

    I fuck hotwifes ! -pictures attached-

    I fucked his wife right in front of his eyes We have been in touch for a long time and now he watched his wife taking my dick while she suck his little dick. Real bull fucking hotwifes since 2016 Video call with your wife is ok Group chat with your wife is ok Message me your snap or Skype in...
  13. M

    Fingering at the dance floor

    This was a night out with the hubby. I love dancing and we decided to go to an amazing bar that has a cozy dancing floor an DJs playing all kinds of exciting dance music. On our way there, while in the car as my husband was caressing the inside of my leg we started talking about having some sexy...
  14. Q

    i fucked his wife good and sent the husband those pictures

    He delivered his wife to me! And I fucked her pussy good! And sent him those pictures Real bull for real couples See how to message me in my ( about) Message me in private if you are serious - verification is expected-
  15. Q

    VERIFIED I'm a real bull. Pics of fucking hotwifes attached

    I'm a real bull and this is someone else's wife im fucking in front of her husband Looking for like minded cuckold couples Pm me your contact
  16. cum as a lube.mp4

    cum as a lube.mp4

    hot vixen wife
  17. Q

    I fucked his wife in front of him. And she cum do hard on my dick

    Got to know this cuckold couple few months ago. Things got serious and we arranged a fun night His wife ended up getting fucked by my big dick and her pussy was so wet. She was very vocal and horny calling me Daddy in front of her man. Her man watched her take my dick good and Came close to...
  18. cuckold threesome with black stud.mp4

    cuckold threesome with black stud.mp4

    interracial fucklicking and bareback sex with bull
  19. OntarioCouple

    Chat with us?

    Hello. We’re new here and to this lifestyle. So far it is fantasy that the Mrs. (35) fucks a man in front of me, with me possibly joining in if everyone is comfortable. In theory she is looking for about 7.5-8” with some decent girth to help stretch her out a bit. We’d love to chat with someone...
  20. cervo.dominatus

    New wannabe stag

    Hey guys I'm a 33m wannabe stag. My wife is 34 and knows I'm interested in the lifestyle but hasn't shown much interest in being a hotwife yet She will wear an anklet when we go out and dresses very sexy too because she knows I love it. I think the right bull-friend would change her mind but...