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Sep 12, 2023
Convincing my wife to accept my fantasy
Well, if you want it:
• call your baby to come and take a seat;
• don’t be drùnk;
• tell her you fantasise about seeing her with another man;
• tell her you were jerking off thinking about it;
• be ready she will blow up;
• be sensitive bringing it up, but be clear and honest with your emotions and your feelings;
• explain why this is something you’d like to try;
• be cool and realise that she has agreed to consider it but doing it may be another massive step;
• in general it's like a game but remember she needs to be interested because if she loses interest she will leave the game and then the game is over for you both;
• it must be something she wants to do freely because she wants to, not to make you happy, however, there is no problem if an element of it is to make you happy, but if it is solely to make you happy it will fail.
No magic at all.
Nothing will happen if you have no conversation.
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