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  3. Wife playing with stranger at gloryhole, cuck have to watch Part 3

    Wife playing with stranger at gloryhole, cuck have to watch Part 3

  4. Biker Guy with Micha

    Biker Guy with Micha

    Biker guy we met on Reddit take his time fucking micha
  5. M

    i was shared👀

    i was shared in front of my husband
  6. Colorado Jake fucking Micha

    Colorado Jake fucking Micha

    The 3rd guy micha fucked while we were in our recent trip to Colorado.
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    ride m cowgirl
  8. Riding the condom off

    Riding the condom off

    Her pussy gripped so tight it literally pulled the condom off while she was riding him.
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    A stranger and ex my wife 69
  10. theAdventurable

    Long Distance Over the Phone

    This thread is basically to brag about my girlfriend. There's a long back story, but suffice to say, we visit as often as possible, but we live on opposite sides of the world for another year or 2. She's always been a good girl and never hooked up. She only ever had sex with long-term...
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    Who wants to fuck her nemaha nebraska

    We’re in nemaha nebraska I want to surprise her with a splitroast and I want sloppy seconds
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    my hotwife washed with stranger's cum
  13. Couple4MFM

    My Wife reconnected with an old Schoolmate online

    My wife does a lot of posting on Facebook and is friends with most of the people she went to high school with. Her graduating class, Class of 81, has their own group page where they post tidbits and reunion information. We attended her 20th, 25th, 30th, 35th, and most recent 40th reunion in June...
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