1. Couple4MFM

    A Sensual Massage for my Wife

    Monday evening, my wife arrived home from the gym and said she was sore. She took a shower and we ate dinner on the couch with her repeating about how sore she felt from her boot camp workout that evening. She mentioned she really needed a good massage. I offered but she told me no, and I asked...
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    Hello everyone ... My wife and i have a fantasy to have a stranger sex partner for her... i actually want to see how my wife performs....and she have a fantasy to get a full body nude oil massage and have sex with a stranger.... If any one want to full fill our fantacy msg me Attaching her...
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    If you may understand what is fully trust between partners: This was the first time in our swinger lifestyle, that Maike never saw the partner. Only saw what he looked like after we ended up 3 times.... she still say today, that her imagination during all that time was the best adrenaline ever.
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    Vacation Fun Part 1

    Like many men I had been semi-jokingly discussing her being a bit of a slut for me for ages now, sending her cuckolding pictures and stories and discussing dogging etc with her. One night a couple of years ago I was sat in an hotel room away with business when she messaged me asking what I was...
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    How many guys has she sucked while married?

    This is about how I discovered my wife has been sucking other cock after we were married. It is an open thread and please share your stories, especially the ladies. Turned out my wife has given hundreds of blowjobs to about 15 guys after we married. Lucky me. For years my wife claimed I was the...
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