1. hotCoupleYoung

    Looking for a couple interested in swapping.

    We are a Nepali young couples of 25M and 21F and want to explore new experience. If someone is interested to have swapping foursome experience and have sex in the same room, DM us. Only DM, If you could visit Nepal and is serious about this.
  2. bimbo133

    How my interest to see my wife touched by another guy started

    A couple of years ago my wife was scheduled for a gynecologist exam. I went together with her. In the room entered the doctor (male). He asked her to undress. Already that got me excited. We were just back from a holiday. My wife tans in small thongs, so she had amazing looking tan lines and...
  3. IMG_0984.png


    Picture wufe sent from dressing room a few years ago.
  4. B


    Bi dom top here in Lawrence Kansas USA wanting to host on a regular basis....
  5. H

    Love playing with my sexy wife

    We love hearing from other couples and horny people in our dms! Hit us up couples and people if you’re respectful and would like to play with a horny couple a few times a week!
  6. Couple4MFM

    Wagering My Wife

    Several years ago, my wife and I met a single gentleman who lived in the same subdivision we reside in. We hooked up with him one night, and my wife enjoyed sex with this man. They began by making out on our couch while we were all three visiting and having drinks, and as the make-out session...
  7. B

    Married, wanna be cuck, looking for advice

    I am married and I was always into threesomes, sharing, cheating, cuck, etc etc... My previous girlfriend was into this as well and she was ok with finding another partners and telling me what she did with them. Honestly, it wasn't difficult at all to get her on this path. Maybe because we were...
  8. S

    I’ll photoshop your wife for free.

    I’m a graphic designer by trade so I spend a lot of time on Photoshop lol. Anyways I’m new here and figured I’d try lending a hand as I see a few posts about it. So, send me some high quality pictures of your wifeand what you’d like to see her in/doing. (Keep in mind when choosing/picking your...
  9. MnA Landon