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    Preparing my cock for work.
  2. F

    Office sluts

    There is something really hot about a women being a little tease or naughty in public. But i find it even hotter when it is at work/in the office. Public enough to be risky and familiar enough because the people around know you! Always loved seeing women wear sexy clothes at work, and i would...
  3. F

    Sexy hotwives in their workplace

    Do any hotwives use their workplace as a “hunting ground”? I would also love to see naughty pics from work!
  4. W

    Got fucked by my boss at work! It was great? What’s your experiences?

    I feel like I’m bad at making this. I’ve somewhat lurked for a while but I got a new story (probably not new to most of you XD) My boss is usually in his office or on the floor most of the time I’m working (I’m a cashier at a grocery store) but it was especially slow today on the account of...
  5. T

    Dallas Trip

    Well tini is in Dallas and was in a conference. She said that she needed a charger and couldn’t find one. Well some so called sexy man told her that he had one. She said that it was a fast charger, but with one favor. He said, I’ll ask in my room. They went to the room and he said something...
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  7. MariasHubby

    Gangbang bus

  8. LetstalkaboutMYGIRL

    Girlfriend Before Work.

    It’s erotic taking before work pics of my girlfriend, knowing she’s looking beautiful for her job..