A creamypie new year


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Dec 27, 2018
On New year's Eve in 1999 my wife Andrea and I attended a party given by one of her co-workers. It was a Friday that year so having two days off afterwards had a great deal to do with how wild it was. The theme was 1969, so Andrea bought me a pair of bell bottom jeans and a tie dyed t shirt. She cut the sides of the legs at the bell and sewed in some wild fabric to make the bell extremely large. She also found a pair of stacked heel shoes for me and a pair of little rectangular " granny" glasses. I laughed so hard at how ridiculous we looked back then.

I wanted to see what she would be wearing but she said it would be a surprise. I kinda figured she would also wear bell bottoms and tie dyed like me but I was wrong. One the night of the party we each went to our own bathrooms to get ready. I of course got ready first and went into the den to wait on Andrea. After a while I heard heels coming down the hall so I jumped up to get ready to point and laugh. Well I didn't laugh, Andrea came in the den wearing the shortest dress I've seen. It was Robbin egg blue and the hem just came pasted her ass cheeks. And I mean just barely. Her legs looked a mile long, they we're covered in suntan colored pantyhose and she had on a pair of four inch stacked heels. Her long blonde hair was completely straight and parted in the middle. I loved her look.

As I helped her into the car I was treated to an awesome crotch shot. I said you don't have panties on. She told me no, that she had on shear to the waist pantyhose and she wanted to show off as much as she could without stupid panties blocking the view. I asked her if she had a master plan for tonight? She giggled and said of course. Can I ask who he is I inquired. She said no, it'll be more fun watching you try to figure out who is getting my pussy tonight.

Well we all had fun laughing and pointing at each other , well Andrea didn't get a lot of laughs. Her five foot three , one hundred pound body looked like it was ready for sex . The room was packed and I couldn't keep up with where she was. I got caught up talking with one of the other husband's about four wheel drive and I know it was well over an hour since I had seen my wife. I was about to excuse myself to go look for her when she came out of the crowd and kissed me. I knew that taste, she had just sucked a cock. I told my new friend that I was going outside for some air, I took Andrea hand and we slid out the kitchen door onto the deck out back.

As soon as we were in the dark I ran my hand under her dress and rubbed her pussy through the thin nylon. It was definitely wet. I asked did you fuck ? She said no that's all me. I said I tasted cum when you kissed me. She said I just sucked a dick and had him cum in my mouth, I did my best to hold it until I found you. Who's cock was it I asked. She said I didn't ask his name. I kissed her and said you little slut. She said you live it don't you? I told her I was the proudest man there. Then I said go get some guy to cum in your pussy. She cooed and said OK.

As was entered the kitchen I could see Andrea's nipples we're rock hard. I said were you cold out there? She glanced down and said no, horny. I patted her ass and said go get your pussy ruined. As she went off into the crowd my new four wheel drive buddy walked up next to me. He and I stared at my wife's ass as she began dancing to the music. She said dude, is that your wife? I said yes. She said you had better keep an eye on her, looking like that could get her fucked. I said I'm counting on it. He looked puzzled, I fixed it by saying I'm going to wear that out tonight.

He and I talked for a long time , I had no idea were Andrea had gone but when someone yelled it's almost midnight the music stopped and all of a sudden she appeared. She took my hand and said let's count down the new year outside. I followed her as she led me back to the same dark end of the deck off the kitchen. She leaned against the hand rail and worked her pantyhose down to her knees she spread her legs as far as possible and start eating my pussy and don't stop until next year. I squatted and took her ass cheeks in my hands then buried my face in her freshly fucked Shaved vagina. I ran my tongue between the lips and when I found her clit her thigh muscles tightened up and she moaned loudly. I sucked the smooth lips into my mouth and this released a flow of some lucky guys load. We could hear everyone inside counting down then a loud HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!. I stood and kissed my hot wife . I said I love you sweetheart and thank you for the fresh fucked pussy snack. She said it was her pleasure.

After she pulled her pantyhose back up we went inside to mingle. She told me after about half an hour that she needed to tell someone goodnight as they were leaving. I said OK and she walked off. My four wheeler friend walked up and said I saw you eating your wife's pussy on the deck, he had come out to see were I had gone and saw us. He said I bet her pussy taste like candy. I said it sure did.
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