Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me Part IV

Feb 20, 2019
So the dance off began with me going first round. I wasn't too nervous because Victoria wasn't back yet so even if I failed, she wouldn't see it, plus I knew JT had little to no dance moves. Surging with adrenaline from all the pressure, however, I began with the dance move I was relatively famous for in High School. I executed it perfectly. However, to my surprise, no one was digging it. I continued to do it, slowly sputtering out with a look of confusion on my face and the crowd reciprocated with looks of disappointment themselves. I was shocked. Trying to recover while the music was still playing (I think it was something by the Weeknd), I continued to try and pull off dance moves but they were repetitive and incoherent. A few people started booing. I stopped out of self-defeat and embarrassment. The DJ called JT forth, and around this time Victoria and two other girls came back upstairs through a near doorway. The DJ started playing Bottoms Up by Trey Songz, to which JT gave me a sinister look of psychopathy. As JT stepped forth, Victoria and her friends began spectating. The worst part about this though was that the song actually begins with Trey Songz singing 4x "It's Mister STEAL YO GIRLLL" At this point I became semi-nauseated. I had hope though, as JT could still embarrass himself as I did. He didn't though. He somehow managed to pull of some disco-like moves that looked good just because he was muscular and confident. As he moved side to side across the dance floor you could see how caught up Victoria and her friends were in the movement of his body.243841
As I watched her friends whisper suggestions about JT into Victoria's ear, I knew it was over.

As he finished dancing at the close of the song (which was made 3 minutes shorter for the party's sake, he got up in my space. He asked me how I was going to stop him from fucking Victoria now. Nobody else heard him but I was so angry I didn't know what else to do, so swung at his face which was about 6 inches above mines. He ducked it, however, and swung a nice jab to my balls. The whole crowd makes that woah noise of surprise. Catching my breathe, right as I was about to call him out on giving me a cheap shot in what was supposed to be a fair fight, he shouts to the whole spectating crowd that "this Freshman is a racist!" I thought "what did he say? What the hell? JT continued, "He has repeatedly slurred my roommate Tyrone and many of our Latino-American brothers and sisters on this campus!" Many people making noises of appall, scold me. Victoria, looking down on me with shock and disappointment, asks me if this is true. I of course shout, "NO! He's lying! It's what he always does to steal the girl! He just wants to have sex with you!" People in the crowd make remarks about me being a dramatic loser. JT, faking nobility, looks down on me and says, "I would never do such a thing. I value women for who they are, but seeing as you aren't a man of integrity and pride, I'll give Victoria the sex she needs if you can't man up to the challenge." Even he was blowing complete smoke out his ass, no one picked up on it, even the overtly sexual implication of his last statement. I didn't do anything but continue to hold my balls while on my knees. JT whistles and my roommate who had recently entered the scene left to get something with three other frat guys on cue. I knew he had planned something much ahead of time like this. JT now standing beside my kneeling body asked aloud if the people wanted to him "put this racist, sexist loser in his place!" (He just added the sexist part in there that time without anybody noticing). Victoria, though she had been kind to me in the past, now cheered along with the crowd as she had been convinced by JT that I was some sort of jealous bigot. My heart dropped as I saw the look of disdain on her face. JT knelt down next to me and whispered that which made me both miserable and incredibly aroused at the same time: "You admit that I'm the Alpha Dog. You admit that I am the Alpha Male and that you're the Beta when I fuck your girl in front of you." Preventing myself from getting a boner in front of all these people while still incredibly aroused, I nodded and submitted. JT was the dominant. Moments later, Frank and some sophomore frat brothers returned with an old toilet dislocated from a pipe system . It was brown and had some spray paint letters on the outer bowl. The stench was immediately recognizable. The boys set it down in front of me, the crowd excited to see what was coming next. To my devastation, Victoria had that same look of excitation on her face. Frank bent down to let me know he personally took the shit after eating three spicy black bean burritos. This kid was my roommate from August 15 to May 21st of 2015 - trust me, I knew it was going to be bad. JT asked Tyrone to help him give me a swirly. Tyrone with an angry look, nostrils flaring, says, "Let's swirly this racist white boy!" The crowd cheered as they lifted my legs by the ankles over my upper, positioning me like a wheel barrel. JT says, like the true enemy of mine he is, "You go'n eat that shit, Herbert!" Fully aware of the fact that this was all happening in front of Victoria Atwell, the hottest woman till this day to ever enter my life, my head was submerged into a putrid mixture of vile crap and undigested beans and corn. Pitying myself and sick of the struggle to succeed even once, I shook my head in the goopy water screaming and gargling. The whole crowd laughed and applauded like crazy.

One of the frat brothers tossed me a washcloth to wipe my face off once Tyrone and JT set me down. As I finished clearing the brown muck from my face, I saw JT standing really close to Victoria. I wiped my eyes once more to find them staring into each others eyes with a look of deep sexual intention as she slid her hand up and down his muscular chest while he held his hands on her waist. Devastated, more so by the humiliation than anything else, I watched Victoria suggest to JT that they find a room upstairs. JT quickly hollered at one of the seniors, who he was inferably cool with, if he could take one of the rooms. The senior, OF COURSE, granted it while Frank or somebody else tossed JT a Delta Phi Omega Wood Paddle. He then looked at me, Victoria watching with a devious look in her perfect blue eyes, commanding that I follow them upstairs. Reluctantly, I get off my butt and trail close behind as Victoria, the girl of my dreams, pulls JT by hand to the destination where my ultimate cuckolding experience will take place. We get to the room. Victoria tells JT she wants to "get ready" in the walk-in closet while we wait. JT commands me to sit down on the bed. Victoria closes the door behind her. JT stands in front of me, looking down. I ask him what the baby-crib-sized contraption next to the bed is and what it's for. He tells me it's a harness the fraternity locks their pledges into so as to spank them with the wooden paddles. The sound of that make me uneasy. JT could tell how much I had been flushed with anxiety and hyperventilation. He gave me a small bottle of something to help, I don't know what it was but it was made of green glass. I think it was some sort of THC syrup derived from a sativa strain of MJ. It made my body calm down while making my mind much more alert. Things started going fast yet slow-mo. Out of focus yet crystal clear. Interrupting my deep train of thought, noise being super concentrated at this point, we her Victoria holler from behind the closet doors, "You boys ready for this?"


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