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    She's cheated on me

    I am new here, don't even know if I am posting this in the right place. A couple of months ago my wife out of the blue confessed to having an affair, which she apparently ended. I have been upset and angry but also very weirdly turned on by it. I am hurt and angry that she could do this to...
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    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me (Grand Finale)

    Right before she burst through JT quickly grabbed the remote controlled stereo and pressed the play button which caused Ted Nugent's Stranglehold to begin. My heart began to beat really fast and I started sweating. She walked through those doors, waltzing up to us and stood before us in this...
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    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me Part IV

    So the dance off began with me going first round. I wasn't too nervous because Victoria wasn't back yet so even if I failed, she wouldn't see it, plus I knew JT had little to no dance moves. Surging with adrenaline from all the pressure, however, I began with the dance move I was relatively...
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    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me Part III

    She looked so hot, Oh My God. My breathe was taken away, all my blood rushing into my penis. She was wearing a super tight, bright- red t-shirt. She had actually cut her hair a bit shorter but it looked super sexy. She had hair like Jaclyn from Charlie's Angels in this picture but just down...
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    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me Part II

    Caught off guard and embarrassed, I was shocked by their entrance into my room more shocked and terror stricken that JT was interacting with Victoria who I didn't know he had met. At the initial sight of seeing them together, it was like every negative emotion of anxiety and inferiority...
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    Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me

    The Story of How My Best Friend Humiliated Me in Front of the Girl of My Dreams and Made Me Watch Them Have Passionate Sex JT and I had been friends since the 4th Grade. Now we're adults with careers and have graduated from college. I have straight, combed-over brown hair, greenish-grey eyes...
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    In the middle of the maze.....a perfect opportunity to bare her ass for me!