Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me Part II

Feb 20, 2019
Caught off guard and embarrassed, I was shocked by their entrance into my room more shocked and terror stricken that JT was interacting with Victoria who I didn't know he had met. At the initial sight of seeing them together, it was like every negative emotion of anxiety and inferiority accompanied by hyperventilation, increased heart rate, and perspiration came back to me in a flash. While Frank and Tyrone began to check something out on Frank's computer, Victoria began to greet me but was interrupted by JT rudely blurting, "Oh yeah, Herbert's a nerd." Frank standing up straight and looking at us said, "You know this fucking loser?" I thought that was a harsh remark even coming from Frank. Victoria seemed a little confused. Most girls, like the ones from High School, at this point produce an evil smirk at my abuse, fitting into that dominatrix/hotwife archetype. Little conversation was had in the next few minutes, me being the only real one uncomfortable given how intimidated I was by all of them, but especially JT. I hated how he had gotten significantly more muscular since graduation. Frank and Tyrone were looking on their chapter's website which apparently one of the senior brother's had created about the biggest party of the year. At the mention of it, Victoria said she couldn't wait for her first time at an American party. I don't know if most English women have that attitude at 18 but Victoria seemed like she was really into party scenes. I remember what she was wearing that day in early March. Like always, it was a tight, white t-shirt with black letters and ripped jeans with some boots that made noise when she walked. As she left the room to I think meet up some of the girls from Lambda Psi, the other fellas in the room started talking about how hot she was, and how hard they would smash.

Exiting the room themselves, Tyrone and Frank made gay jokes about me which both JT and I never cared for. JT liked to make his attacks much more real and personal which is why when we were alone in the room, he put his hand on my desk and arched over to get into my face saying, "Don't you ever forget what High School was all about, Flendel. It's about JT gettin' the good stuff," I hated when he talked douchey like that, "JT get's the girl and no matter how bad you want her, I'm gonna be the one who takes her away from ya." Completely paralyzed by the intimidation he had over with the craziest look in his eyes, I honestly wondered to myself, at this point in my life having taken his shit for so long, why was he doing this to me? So I decided I would humble myself and honestly beg JT that he not take this girl from me and explained how much I wanted this woman (It was REALLY, really, bad). He took a step back, a huge grin over his face and shook his head saying, "I know you can't stand the thought of me snatching Victoria out from under you, especially at that party which you're probably not invited too. In front of all these new people, they're going to watch the ultimate slap of your manhood as the hottest chick to probably ever walk this campus chooses me over you." I became nauseated just listening to him describe it. It was the most vivid vision of the future I had ever imagined. And the worst part was, Victoria probably was LITERALLY the hottest woman to walk this campus. I'm not kidding folks. JT, before he himself left, seeing he had mentally destroyed me, mentioned that he'd have some help from his boys secure a special treatment for me if/when I showed up to Delta Phi Omega's party. I yelled at him accusation, saying that wasn't fair or adequate. He quickly got up in my face and said intensely, "You just sit back and watch the Boss handle the business, that way he go'n give it to ya, cuz he go'n give it to ya good, long, and hard!" I had no idea what this meant. I later found out he was not talking about doing something gay but rather humiliating me in a very degrading way.

The next two months went and my anxiety peaked again. I couldn't sleep and had reoccurring nightmares turned into wet dreams about JT hooking up with Victoria at the party. I hated that I was intensely aroused by the thought of him cuckolding me. I was so close to getting her to go out with me by the end of March, and I was sure JT and her friends were fucking that all up for me. Despite the fact that we had chatted regularly by second semester, when JT came around, he got the attention of all the fellow students on my floor. Even my nerdy friends saw him as this god. I had to stoop to low level of dignity to eavesdrop on a few conversations sorority girls had with Victoria, recommending she hook up with "that hot JT guy at the Delta House" when the party cam around. I was infuriated, so frustrated that not only did things always seem to work toward JT's advantage, but also that those stupid sorority girls were helping him steal her away from. However, what I heard in a conversation Victoria was having with her roommate, Carla Baumgartner. I was almost exposed listening to them when this other Foreign Exchange Student walked by and saw me but fortunately, he was cool about it. Anyways, Carla was actually rather nice to me when we interacted in the hallways. Listening to what Victoria and her were talking about in the lounge, I was pleasantly surprised to hear my name being mentioned. Victoria was actually talking about how she supposed I like her and speculated I might even ask her out soon. She didn't seem put off by the idea either! In response, Carla suggested she attempt to hook up with me at the frat party! I couldn't believe my ears. I was astonished and psyched! But Victoria's response was not so reassuring. She stretched out the word "Welllll…" and continued to explain that while she thought I was cute and nice, she wasn't sure I would make a definitive decision and it was her last semester here. So despite her doubts in me, I went against my instincts to doubt myself as well and said to myself that I would show both her and JT that I could rise to the challenge and get the girl!

By the time May came, my grades were looking okay, I had plans for the summer, and Frank (my roommate) was hardly ever in the room. I hadn't had a nightmare about the scenario in weeks, except for the time in April when I watched a conversation of JT and Victoria from afar. Victoria was wear a tight all-black t-shirt tucked into her high-waisted jean shorts which pulled her top over her chest accentuating her massive bust. JT was throwing a football in a tank top. I knew that douche bag was flexing his arms the entire conversation. This is all aside from the point. So eventually the time for the party at the end of the Spring Semester came. Was I nervous walking up to that frat castle, strobing with lights, littered with pretentious people (most older than me), bass blaring from speakers as splashes and diving boards could be heard from the pool? HELL yes. I was greeted at the door not by some huge senior Delta Phi president who would threaten to kick me off his porch but rather Tyrone and JT. I was confused as to why the house was letting them act as bouncers for the party. They said it was because Freshman (Tyrone was no longer just a pledge though) had the duty of watching the entrance. They decided to let me in with a menacing aura. JT always acted friendly toward me in public, as we were technically "best friends since 1st grade." However, I now looked like I was about 19, JT looked like he was easily 23 years old.

It was dark inside, large bodies of people dancing, smoking grass and drinking alcohol. Everyone in there looked a lot older though. This was terrifying because I hadn't considered all of those older frat guys attempting to sleep with Victoria that night. JT was no longer my biggest concern. However as the night went on, I saw more of the older guys with their girlfriends, most of whom were members of sororities. Everytime I saw a huge frat guy cross-faded on a couch with some girls laying on him, I was relieved the seniors were spending time comatose or throwing footballs instead of swooping in on Victoria. I knew almost no one there so I was basically on my own. I struggled to find JT, Victoria, or even Frank and Tyrone. Victoria was nowhere to be found even though I knew she was coming to this party. It was a massive house with many rooms, a basement, and a large swimming pool in the backyard. I reached a much larger living room which I had passed over many times when the song "I like it, I love it" by Lyrics Born came on. That's when I saw her: Victoria.

To Be Continued....