Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me

Feb 20, 2019
The Story of How My Best Friend Humiliated Me in Front of the Girl of My Dreams and Made Me Watch Them Have Passionate Sex

JT and I had been friends since the 4th Grade. Now we're adults with careers and have graduated from college. I have straight, combed-over brown hair, greenish-grey eyes, and a gawky physique. JT was slightly shorter, but more confident, barrel-chested, thick blonde hair, tan skin and piercing blue eyes. We were both competitive and challenged each other. We spent every summer hanging out at the local pool checking out the girls at we got older. Around the time we turned 10 in the 3rd grade, JT started ripping on me constantly for fun. I was young, awkward, and took everything personal so I often held my anger and resentment inside always unable to respond or stand up for myself. It was subtle enough abuse that a bystander would perceive it as guy friends messing with each other but I just saw it as JT being a dick. I figure when we got to middle school, he'd mouth off to some guy and get what's coming to him. He was brave but he was shorter than me and not too much more bulky.

Anyways, a few years went by and we were in the 6th grade. I was sure I'd be way more popular than JT in middle school. I was wrong however. It was the 2010's and if you were black, Hispanic, anything but white, you were automatically cool. So quickly, being a manipulative snake, JT made the move I failed to do: befriend the most socially powerful people of color in the school. Of course all of the women our age were infatuated with the boys of color so the best way to score women was to integrate oneself into the black and Hispanic kid's friend groups and impress them with how accepted by the people of color you were. I found the ploy to be shallow and devious but to my astonishment, it worked. I was a gawky, pale white kid and at the time I had tried to succeed with a few women in the school that were scalding hot Latinas with long, thick beautiful black hair and big brown eyes, also one of the first girls to develop womanly breasts at our age. They all rejected me because I was really white, including my personality, while JT on the other hand was successful in both impressing and attracting such women despite being a blonde haired, blue-eyed man. His exceptionally tan skin and charming charisma certainly helped, which I bitterly envied. As the years progressed, he grew more popular while remaining my friend but humiliated me in public more for attention, laughter, and praise. He would find ways to make me out to be a goof, a jerk, or a jealous nerd in front of everyone while simultaneously convincing everyone he was this ultra-smooth stud. I hated it. For example, on the last field day of 8th grade, in front of the girl I was talking to Isabela Ramirez (who was way out of my league but almost started dating me), but JT humiliated me in a game of basketball. Pissed off and confrontational, I pushed JT which spurred a fight I knew he intended to cause. After he wrestled me to the ground, he had got a hold of my left wrist, swung it under my stomach back between my legs and pulled it up like a lever, crunching my balls. He did this repeatedly until I submitted to his dominance. Still having me by the wrist, he pushed my arched-over body to a spot in the grass next to the track with the entire 6th grade following. He pushed me onto my knees in front of a large pile of runny dog shit. He commanded me to eat. I protested a few times but asserted his dominance over me so I began to eat it in front of everyone. The whole crowd laughed at the sight and ew'd when my tongue plunged into the sloppy, wet pile of poop. I squealed a bit at first because the taste and smell was so bad. JT pulled me back for a moment to whisper into my ear that things were changing from now on, and that High School was going to be like this everyday. I continued to eat the mound of hot shit while JT commanded I "eat that shit like a man!" The last hour of field day we had remaining consisted of JT making me tell our class the consistency of the shit I was eating. It was hot and sloppy on the outer layer but cold and chunky like fudgy sewage on the inside. Later that day, JT got to make out with Isabela in the hallway and she showed him her big bouncing Spanish boobs in the bathroom. Groups had conversations saying this was the best field day ever. The whole thing was posted on YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Over 1000 people saw it.
Freshman year hit. I had been forced into submission so many times that my levels of manhood had sharply decreased. I was scrawny, soft chinned, and had little mojo and confidence. JT emerged on the scene like a bronzed stallion, cocky as ever. His Testosterone had increased so much as all his success with babes was very evident. He had grown slightly taller than me now. His skin had tanned gold, his hair which was longer now, flown down the sides of his head in feathered in shiny golden locks like a Greek god, the charming smile on his chiseled face was irresistible to women along with his robust and muscular stature. By the time our senior year hit, he had given me so many nut wedgies and swirlies in the bathroom in front of the hot babes like Joseline, Alina, Isabel, and Sheela, my confidence was more than diminished. I had always hoped he would catch an STD from all the sex. But no. Instead, rumor had it that all the sex actually made his dick bigger and erections last longer. Every time he dominated me in front of a woman, it was like the ethereal center in my balls through which masculine energy (mojo) flowed, which JT and I referred to as one's manhood, had been choked out by all the humiliation. It was like he would feed off stealing it from me and increase his manliness. Needless to say the women loved it when he did this and it turned them on, which in turn, greatly aroused me myself. I hated it.

By the time we were both 18, I was ready to start anew at a college somewhere. To my despair, JT along with many who praised him in High School ended up at the same local college. I looked like a younger version of the guy on the left and JT looked exactly like the guy on the right:
At the new college, we were given roommates. I was put with this fat kid named Frank Krauss who was a huge asshole. He was messy, overstepped boundaries and would sometimes for no reason grab me by the neck and hold my head down where he'd fart and laugh. I was stressed all the time, which became evident in my appearance. I was on this floor with some other people however that were pretty great and unlike in High School, thought I was pretty cool too. JT got to room in a much better dorm with large private bathrooms. His roommate, Tyrone, was a football player/pledge to the Delta Phi Omega Fraternity on campus. This meant JT almost immediately became friends with both the football team and the biggest party frat on campus. Ridiculous, I know.

However, the one upside of living in the dorm I did was that on the other hallway perpendicular to the hallway I lived in was this absolutely, stunning, beautiful, gorgeous smokin' hot babe named Victoria Atwell: transfer student from Winchester, England. Below are pictures of a UK model who, in perfect detail, captures EXACTLY what Victoria Atwell looked like ---
First sight of her was unreal! I mean, yes, in our high school we had plenty of babes with smoking hot bodies (I was particularly obsessed with big boobs) but none had ever come close to Victoria. Easily Movie Star quality. She had long, thick, shiny, dark hair flowing down to her lower back in shiny curling locks. Big, captivating Blue eyes and full lips complemented by a big sexy smile. She wore provocatively tight shirts and blue jeans which emphasized her curvaceous hips and slim waist, and as you can imagine, BIG boobs. Really big. Anyway, when we first met, she was actually a lot more polite and charming than most of the hot girls I knew high school who would just give me snarls of disgust and disinterest if I tried to talk to them. She had a lovely voice, mature/sexy and womanly, like Jessica Rabbit with a very sophisticated accent. I never saw her roommate except once during November of that year - talkative and kind of loud. Needless to say though, she was the biggest crush I ever had. This dame gave any man who saw her an instant boner at first glance.

It was after a few months, however, that the realization sat in that JT was also at this university. Every fantasy about dating (and doing it with Victoria) was now tainted by a nightmarish twist where JT does what he always does. I tried to block most of the negative thoughts out and focus on things like school work and forging friends with the kids on my floor who were more brainiac nerdy types like me. This was actually going quite well for a while. Second semester began, still getting a hard on every time I saw Victoria and talking to her more and more. It finally seemed different in terms of my ability to talk to beautiful women again.

It was around the time in early March where I thought about soon asking Victoria for her number and to potentially go out on a date with me when JT started showing up in my dormitory hall.
195534Apparently, my roommate, the jerk who made me periodically smell his farts, was on the same football team and fraternity as JT's roommate Tyrone. One day, as I was playing some nerdy computer game on my laptop, Frank walks in our room with Tyrone and JT, only this time JT was walking/talking with Victoria....


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