Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me (Grand Finale)

Feb 20, 2019
Right before she burst through JT quickly grabbed the remote controlled stereo and pressed the play button which caused Ted Nugent's Stranglehold to begin. My heart began to beat really fast and I started sweating. She walked through those doors, waltzing up to us and stood before us in this exact pose. (The Picture Below is so strikingly accurate in depicting exactly what Victoria looked liked, I almost jazzed when I first saw it. I couldn't believe my eyes when I found it on the internet. This is basically what we saw)

I knew it was May but I didn't think a white girl could be so perfectly tan. Her nipples were a little bit bigger than the model in the picture but Oh My God did she have the hottest breasts I've ever seen. Her stomach so smooth and perfectly sculpted. She looked JT in the eye with a fierce look of a real woman who knew her way around the bedroom. She shook and flung back her wavy, layered, thick, parted brunette hair in the most sexy way. JT then proceeded to manhandle me and force me into the contraption, adjusting the part where my legs were cuffed in. I was essentially suspended, stomach down, legs split and lifted above upper body while parallel to the bed but my head at the foot of the bed. My cock and balls dangled in the air below me. I watched from below as the aroused Victoria, surging with sexual hormones, pushed JT onto the bed. He laughed in excitement as she swiftly ripped his pants down his legs and tore off his shirt with her own hands. The first guitar solo of the song began as she slid her sacred vagina onto his thick, meaty, 9-inch cock. They both looked back at me. Lowering his arm beside the bed, JT spun the wooden paddle that was in his hand, positioned it behind me, and gave me a good THWACK! in the manhood, which means my balls.

Squealing like the Beta Male I am, this profoundly increased the amount of sexual pleasure Victoria was experiencing in the moment, letting out a great moan of erotic passion. The sexy bass of the song and the riffs of the guitar began to synchronize with their motion. For some time, Victoria stroked JT's massive chest muscles. Running her hands over his bulging, tan pectorals made her increasingly wet as it made me jealous of JT, and that simply aroused JT even more.

He picked up the paddle off the nightstand and wacked my balls once more before proceeding to feel, rub, and squeeze Victoria's perfect boobs. It was the most intense and erotic agony watching his palms stroke her voluptuous, round, plump, giggly, soft boobs.


The sensation of touch on her nipples cause her to once again cry out with pleasure.

Victoria Atwell was riding JT's massive cock while I stayed there and watched as JT periodically humiliated by spanking my balls. The sex just got hotter and hotter. More grunts and moans, more undulating of the bodies. She would look back at me with a devious smile and say in a faint voice, "Smack those nuts again." THWACK! THWACK! two smacks that time. JT would aggressively assure me by saying, "You go'n feel the wrath of the alpha dog!" JT looked up at Victoria and asked, "You know why I always get the girl, Victoria." In her super sexy British accent she asked why and he explained like a total meat head, "Cuz I'm the Alpha Male. Herbert is the Beta Male." Looking down at me with indignation he yells, "Isn't that right, Herbert!?" I reply "Yes, JT!" He shouts, "I dominate you!" and paddles my balls again. I would cry out, "I submit to the Alpha Dog!" Victoria really got off to that.

Stranglehold by Ted Nugent is like 8 minutes long, which is already longer than I could last, but eventually when the song ended, Victoria got off his junk while JT told her to grab the oils. There was a large bottle of Massage Oil, I think it was coconut and some other stuff (Made sensation on skin more intense). This made me maddingly jealous as it made me aroused. Sitting up for a second, JT told Victoria to give me a good smack. She slowly waltzed around the contraption I was suspended in, picked up the wooden paddle, and gave me four swift whacks with pauses in between, declaring, "Down with the oppressive White Man! Men like you don't have the balls to stand up for oppressed like JT! You're weak! You will submit to the Alpha Dog!"

Luckily, the ball paddling prevented me from getting a boner but everything she was saying was SO cucking and hot. She mounted JT's cock again and said, "Give me that Massage Oil."

JT then slouched back into the pillows and pressed next on the remote to the stereo which played Burn It to the Ground by Nickelback. The guitar made sounds like a powerful revving engine, which based on her reaction, seemed to symbolize to Victoria the stamina and power of JT's sexual drive and performance. Victoria shook her hair with her hands and then proceeded to rub massage oil all over JT's chest muscles.


She would comment on how manly he was, with his good looks, strong muscles, big balls, and for showing bravery in the face of bigotry. Like the douche he was, he made a pec-pumping motion with his chest muscles and said, "That's what I do."
Victoria bursts with laughter of sexual pleasure and started kissing him all over his neck. Moments later, she swung back up straight and grabbed JT's wrists. I knew what she was doing and JT knew how much I loved big boobs. She poured massage oil into each of his hands and placed them on her breasts. I squealed in protest but they both shouted harshly at the same time, "Shut the Fuck Up!" She pushed her breasts together like this and he lathered the slippery oil all over her round jiggling chest. She gasped as her brain released massive amounts of oxytocin at the touch of JT's oil filled hands.


Looking down at me and smiling on my torturous humiliation

Her big boobs shining and sliding in his hands. JT would make groans of immense satisfaction as he glided his palms over the biggest pair of milk jugs he had ever handled. She rode his cock with passion. By the time the bridge of the song came around, I felt like I was going to cum myself. The looks they were sharing, the looks they were giving me. They had sex through three more songs: Animals by Nickelback, Whole Lotta Love by Led Zeppelin, Gold on the Ceiling by Black Keys, and then they both simultaneous climaxed during a lesser known song called Run Me Like A River by Bishop Briggs which turned us all on because the powerful vocals, sounds of percussive chains, and perfectly timed base drops.

She rolled over to lay down at his side.


I was weeping from the deeply psychological humiliation, but more from the fact that he succeeded in stealing the super sexy Victoria Atwell from me.

They both rested for a few minutes until she got up and went into the closet to change back into her clothes. It was like 1:00 AM at this point. She re-emerged, smiled at JT, thanked him for the shag, and told me "Remember what happened her tonight, racist! I hope I never see you again!"
I continued weeping and pitying myself while JT got up to let me out of the harness. I came to my knees, utterly emasculated. JT sat back down in the bed and said, "Yep, JT always gets the girl, and don't you ever forget that!" He had stolen my girl. He was truly superior in the ball sack. Therefore, I submitted, and live with this memory today.


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