Alpha Best Friend Steals Girl and Cucks Me Part III

Feb 20, 2019
She looked so hot, Oh My God. My breathe was taken away, all my blood rushing into my penis. She was wearing a super tight, bright- red t-shirt.


She had actually cut her hair a bit shorter but it looked super sexy. She had hair like Jaclyn from Charlie's Angels in this picture but just down to her shoulders.


The loud sound of the bass, wavy guitar and breathing sounds perfectly synchronized with the hypnotic shaking of her curvy hips. She turned, swaying her hourglass body in the middle of dance floor, surrounded by her girlfriends but clearly visible in the crowd. She had a drink in one hand, inferably buzzed but not drunk to the point where her judgement or balance was off. No, she knew what she was doing, she knew how to move.

About 30 seconds passed but I felt like I had been watching her dance for hours. This was it. I was going to approach her, having never had sex before or even attempted to do anything with a girl this hot before. With her back turned, bubble butt rocking to the music in her tight jeans, I approached. But just in that moment, Tyrone, JT and three other frat brothers (I think juniors) returned with more alcohol. As they came through the door, lots of people spun around to see who arrived and cheered at the sight of these "heroes." Victoria, as she turned to see them, was absolutely thunderstruck by the magnificent sight of JT. It was actually like that scene in the movie "Daddy's Home" when Will Ferrell sees Mark Walberg's character for the first time and the song "Thunderstruck" by ACDC plays. I hate to admit it but he was practically glowing in that instance.

JT confidently strides right past me and approaches Victoria so as to ask her something, her not even noticing me though I'm within five feet of her. At that moment, one of the seniors DJ-ing the party stopped the music to announce on the microphone that Delta Phi Omega house was now hosting a dance battle. To some of you this may seem dumb or corny, but the first couple rounds were actually quite entertaining. The primary contestants were either shorter athletic guys who could do cool slips and spinning shit or some comical fat dude from the football team who knew how to make the crowd laugh with sarcastically sexy dance moves (ironic humor because he's fat with a neckbeard).

I spent most of my energy trying to separate Victoria from JT as I knew what he was up to. I got lucky for a moment when some of Victoria's girlfriends dragged to do something downstairs real quick. I walked up to the small DJ platform, pissed that JT was back on the playing field for Victoria and madly confused as to why a Freshman (JT) who wasn't even in the frat was had so much influence and involvement in their party. I asked him if I could say something on the mic. He told me to fuck off because I was a freshman but when I reiterated that I wanted to challenge someone to a dance off, he allowed for it. I spoke on the microphone that I challenge JT to a dance off. The crowd was of course interested in a direct voluntary challenge. Once I circled around the DJ table to the dance floor, at close range JT, smug yet exhilarated by the challenge, asked, "You sure you up for this Herbert." With a mean squint in my eye, I told JT to remember the one way in which no one was cooler than me in High School: making people go crazy reacting to my dance moves at events like Homecoming, Court warming, and Prom.