An interesting friendship


Dec 9, 2022
Houston, TX, USA
The following memories flooded back when reading a thread about kids discovering their parents non-traditional sexual behaviors.

In the mid 1990s, I was in my mid 30s and working on a contract in a city that was a two-hour flight from where my wife and I lived. I would spend two weeks there and come home for a 3-day weekend and then repeat. I became good friends with one of my co-workers, Dan, who was a couple of years older. He started inviting me to his house for dinner where I met his very attractive wife, Kim, and 3 kids (daughters 16, 10 and son 13). Like my co-worker, his wife was very outgoing and flirting with me by the end of dinner. Dan and I were eating lunch at a local hole in the wall when he commented about a woman there flirting with the two guys she was with. He then joked about his wife flirting with me and asked me what I thought of her. I had long been experienced in the lifestyle and thought I knew where this was going but didn't want to overstep. I told him “Kim is very attractive and enjoyed our ‘innocent’ flirting.” He laughed and told me that her flirting didn't always stop at innocent. Laughing, he grabbed the check and walked to the cashier to pay. Nothing more was said about it that day and I flew home that evening.

The following week, I was at their house for dinner. His wife was casually dressed as normal in shorts but this time obviously braless with a top that gaped when she leaned over. As dinner ended, my Dan told the kids they needed to go upstairs to watch the movie that he brought home. His wife asked me to help clear the dishes, which I had done before. With just the two of us downstairs and a loud movie upstairs, she turned up the heat on the flirting, reaching by me to pick up dishes from the table and rubbing a breast against me and leaning over to place dishes in the dishwasher giving me a down blouse view of her breasts and hard nipples.

By this time, I was already getting stiff and I'm sure that it was noticeable. I let her catch me enjoying a view down her top. She smiled and asked, “Do you like what you see.” I nodded my head, and she came over and gave me a passionate kiss. When we separated, I asked about the kids upstairs. She said that her husband would keep them occupied. She and I quickly finished the cleanup and adjourned to the master bedroom for an hour of passionate fun before we made ourselves presentable and went upstairs to join the kids. They were watching the movie, and nothing was said. When the movie was over, they sent the kids to get ready for bed and walked me downstairs. Dan winked and said I hope you enjoyed your evening. I assured him that I did. Kim hugged me and gave me another passionate kiss which he enjoyed watching. I made sure to pull her close and slide a hand down the back of her shorts to play with her lovely ass. I said “Goodbye” and left for the evening.

The following Friday, I went over for dinner. Unbeknownst to me, the kids were spending the weekend with her parents at a family cabin in the mountains. Over dinner, they shared some about their history and relationship. I already knew Dan had been raised in dysfunctional family. His parents divorced when he was young. He bounced back and forth between his parents’ houses. His parents went through many partners. Each remarried and divorced again. As a result, he lacked a positive example of a good relationship. He was good friends with Kim’s brother. Though 2 years younger, Kim started flirting with him when she was 13 and her boobs arrived seemingly overnight. He was 17 when Kim convinced her brother to talk Dan into asking her out. There first data was pizza. Kim flirted heavily and rubbed against him. Dan was nervous, turned on and hard. Kim was rubbing his erection under the table while telling him that she wanted to do more than just rub it. They walked to his car with Kim in front, hiding his erection from the other patrons.

Dan told me he was trying to play it cool but was ecstatic. He started to drive toward a local make out spot when Kim told him to go back to her house. He was deflated and heartbroken until she said that her parents allowed her to bring her dates home and that they could use her bedroom. At this time, Kim just told him that her parents preferred her to experiment sexually in a safe place instead of the back seat of a car or bed of a pickup truck. There first night together was a success since Kim already had some sexual experience. She taught Dan how to make her cum, loudly, with his mouth. She gave him his first blow job. Lastly, she pulled a condom from her nightstand and taught him how to fuck her. He was terrified as he left as her parents were still in the living room watching a movie. They waved and said good night as he left.

This repeated multiple times a week for the next couple of months. They also would skinny dip in pond behind Kim’s house and fuck on their towels. Kim decided that Dan was the one for her and decided to share more about her family. Her father served 20 years in the Air Force before retiring. Dan already knew this, but Kim told him that his parents had always been open minded sexually and were introduced to swinging by some of their military friends. While stationed in Europe, they started visiting nudist camps and were friends with several families that were often nude at home during the heat of the summer. In turn, they began to go nude at home in Europe and continue the practice when they returned to the U.S. though a bit more discreetly.

They continued the practice with their kids and were members of a naturist club about 30 minutes away. As the kids grew, they answered questions about the nude bodies that they saw and the resulting questions about sex in an age-appropriate way. Her parents also, while never blatant, behaved in a sex positive manner in front of them. This led to Kim and her brother being aware that their parents not only enjoyed passionate sex with each other but also did so with many of their friends. The kids grew up aware and accepting of bisexuality commonly between women and less often between men. Kim said that her parents, while never pushing, encouraged them to pursue sexual investigation when they were curious. She also said that they warned her that most people were not this open and that many people would be negative and mean about their beliefs. So, she learned to identify who she could trust before sharing about her family. Dan told me that while he was close friends with Kim’s brother and had often been to their house before he and Kim’s first date, he had no idea.

Over the next year, before Dan graduated from high school, Dan and Kim developed a small group of like-minded friends which let to double dates that swapped partners, threesomes, and small orgies. After Dan graduated but before he left to go to college in a town 2 hours away, Kim and Dan, with input from her parents when requested, decided to try an open relationship. Kim continued to play with friends with which she was already intimate and added a few friends with benefit. Dan similarly found a few friends with benefits in his college town. This included one swinging couple that Kim’s parents introduced to him. They introduced him to other swingers in the town.

Dan continued to come home most weekends to be with Kim. Two years later, Kim started attending the same college and they moved into a garage apartment of one of the swinging couples that Dan had met shortly after arriving at college. They married after Dan graduated. He stayed at college working on a masters while Kim finished her bachelors. Dan told me that they have continued their open relationship and enjoy it greatly but that over the years, it has evolved to more of Kim being a hot wife and him enjoying watching her or hearing about her experiences. He still plays from time to time when the opportunity presents itself.

They also shared that they were also home nudist and introduced their kids to it and that in fact, the kids and Kim’s parents were at a cabin in a nudist resort that weekend. All three of us were extremely sexually excited from our discussions and went to their bedroom for our first threesome. Kim, a true sexual animal, wore Dan and I out. I lost count of how many screaming orgasms we gave her that night. Our fun continued through the weekend until I left on Sunday to go back to my hotel to get some sorely needed rest.

The following Wednesday, I drove to their house for dinner. Before I could even knock on the door, Kim opened the door nude. She gave me a hug and a kiss and told me that they had a discussion with the kids and that the kids were fine if I joined them in their normal nude at home mode. They were all out back with Dan who was barbecuing – wearing an apron! I was shocked to see Kim’s parents outside also. Thought I had not met them, I recognized them from family portraits on the wall. Kim took me to their bedroom and order me to strip which I gladly did. I was erect by the time that finished. She laughed and said that I couldn’t go outside like that, so she expertly sucked me off and swallowed every drop.

I went outside and was introduced to her parents. Kim’s mom, while in her mid 60s, was very attractive and we discreetly checked each other out. I saw Kim’s 16-year-old daughter watching and smirking. We had a great dinner outback. While everyone was enjoying the beautiful sunset, Kim grabbed my hand and motioned for me to follow her into the house. We went into her bedroom, and I returned her oral favor from earlier. She then climbed on top of me and rode herself to two more orgasms before bringing me off. When I left that evening, the rest of her family was upstairs watching TV.

I continued to visit Dan and Kim’s house at least once a week for the remaining 18 months of the contract. We continued to meet when we our schedules would allow. It has been about 10 years since our last physical get together. Their kids are all grown and married now. Their older daughter has a son. They were very happy to tell me that their kids have followed in their example and have open relationships.