Anyone here been to a SPLASH MOACA PARTY?

Nov 5, 2021
In the Uk we've got Blackmans Fan Club - they organise inter-racial parties at swingers clubs. Never been so can't comment but we plan to attend our first towards the end of this month xx
I have heard of these parties all over the place. Regular wives meeting with groups of Black Bulls some wives meet with more than a few men. I was in the Army and watch a German wife leave my Barracks covered in sperm on Saturday morning as she walked over to Her Husband eagerly waiting all night on Her. he kicked her face and kissed her. They left and a black friend told me she took on well over a hundred last night. I didn't understand it at the time but female friends awakened me to the needs some women require to be met and I decided to look into it more.
My 2 cents. Bulls of any Race servicing horny wives is a good thing. With or without permission. I do not judge. I have been on the other side of this with my cheating 1st wife only to accept and concur women deserve extra on the side. Best regards, My woman has my permission and full support.