Asslicker Hotwifes.

Dec 19, 2018
Long Island
I have been meeting up with the same sexy hot wife for about 5 years now. The husband has been asking her to do more and more with me lately. She now will let me cum inside of her a few times in a row. She lets me fuck her in the ass whenever I feel like it. The husband really gets off watching her lick my ass and shoving her tongue in there. I was not sure about the sensation at first, but now I like the way it feels and looks when she is trying to get deeper and deeper into my ass. I don't do fingers, just the tongue. It makes her really work for what she wants, I am always amazed how wet she gets from her husband asking her to do these sexy and nasty things. I had thought that she did it because he was asking her to do these things, but when I shove my cock in her pussy it is so wet and it tells me that she likes doing it. She is a very naughty hot little wife. She is about 5'-0" tall, 100 pounds, beautiful face and he likes having her perfectly manicured and shaved whenever I show up. She needs to be taken and needs it deep, long pauses while she slowly gyrates her clit into me in order to reach her climax. He likes to dress her up and will ask me what I want to see her in when I get there. My favorite is simple, a short dress or skirt and no panties or bra. It allows me to walk in and manhandle her. She really gets off on having me manhandle her and take what I want in front of her husband.


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Jul 12, 2021
where can I find a Hotwife like that? Only couple I ever met, got scared of the word Doggystyle! Pretty sure I scared them back to Virginity! Lol
Jan 21, 2022
My wife and I have been rimming each other since we first got together 16 years ago.I've always enjoyed having my ass played with (either solo, or with a partner). Obviously, we both love eating ass. We've never been shy about what we like sexually, and have always let let our freak flags fly.

Her boyfriend on the other hand, ISN'T interested in having his ass played with in ANY way, as in his own immature mind, he thinks if a guy enjoys anything to do with having his ass played/receiving anything anal with is "gay," even if it's with a woman. Immature? Yup. Insecure? Yup... But that's just how he rolls. Ironically, he's borderline obsessed with wanting to fuck my wife's ass, and has/would eat my wife's ass without hesitation. He HASN'T ever actually fucked her ass though, as my wife has ALWAYS told him that if he truly wants to fuck her in the ass, then he should be ok with her fucking his ass with her strap on dildo. He's balked EVERY TIME she says that to him. Oh well, that's his loss, as he has no idea what he's missing out on.