being a cuckold and having a small dick related?


May 10, 2021
My first hubby was quite small but it was his boring attitude to sex that caused me to cheat. My current hubby has a good sized cock and has been a great lover (though now at 66 he's slowed down quite a lot) but throughout the time we've been together (it will be 21 years this year) I've still enjoyed fucking a lot of other guys. So it's not necessarily about cock size but it is a lot about the excitement (for both of us) of me being a shared wife xx


Jan 8, 2021
when wife takes control over you,making you her personal slut to please her,what husband wants is not important,i,m honoured when i can obedient submissive sub for any women
Yeah it's about the power exchange between the couple. Literally all of it belongs to the female and she calls the shots. And her husband is nothing more than a sub to her whims and a lot of emphasis on emasculation.

m small and I agree.
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Jun 26, 2021
are small dick guys destined to be a cuck?
For me it’s the trill of wondering if he pleases her more than me if his technique is superior to mine and the pure torture of watching a man using my wife however he pleases waiting to see what he does to her, a big cock is not essential for a bull but I do like to think he out performs me
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Jan 21, 2022
Not necessarily. I'm 7"c and fairly thick, while my wife's boyfriend is 8"candy THICK. I've NEVER had a problem with pleasing my wife sexually... Though I doubt she'd be interested in Cucking me with a guy who's "smaller" than me... Her boyfriend is also sexually dominant with her, and she LOVES being totally sexually submissive to him, while she's a sensual domme with me. She absolutely LOVES the contrast in love making/sex styles between me and her boyfriend.
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Feb 20, 2022
My girlfriend told me she actually decided she was going to make me her cuckold after the bloke she had been fucking who had a bigger cock and that I was really the smallest tiniest cock she had seen and the big cock bloke had suggested one while she was sucking his cock that she would get excited if she came home to me with her mouth full of his spunk and kissed me and pushed some of his spunk in my mouth and she said she would do it for him and did do it and was really really exciting and made her pussy wetter than ever and texted him saying she had done it and he was right it was so exciting that she would be doing it every time and he suggested more and she did it all and she eventually decided that she was going to tell me about something while sucking my little cock and if she noticed I was getting excited and hornier that I would become a cuckold for her and I was excited hearing what she told me and I asked her to tell me more details and I became her cuckold boyfriend from that moment

And it was really because I had a small cock and accepted that my cock is really tiny and is pathetic and truthfully deserved it


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Sep 28, 2020
I feel having a small penis creates the environment for becoming a cuckold than having a big cock. My wife agrees and has me locked in chastity and thinks I need a smaller cage.

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Having a small cock is one good reason to finish up being a cuckold. Not all cuckolds have a small cock. Some are P/es, have ED problem, etc and some just like to watch wifey being fucked. Some are bi and like seeing, touching and playing with big cocks and enjoy sucking cock and others just love cleaning up. No matter what I just love fucking their wives.
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Aug 23, 2021
I've grown smaller and softer with age and illness, and I want to see my beloved wife sexually fulfilled. She always loved a hard and forceful ride and has had not had one for several years. I love her and want her to be happy. It's that simple.


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Sep 15, 2020
My wife says its not the size of the cock but how a guy uses it. I'm about average but have always been a premature ejaculator. One we started swapping with another couple, my wife really enjoyed the other guy who really fucked her good and could make her orgasm.


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Dec 21, 2021
Every situation will always be different and carry different dynamics with it. I have always been a cuck, but back in 2012, I quickly found myself amid a couple where I was the BULL, and the husband was the cuckold. The husband had no less than 90 lbs of lean muscle mass on me, and his cock could easily make four or maybe five of mine. The relationship continued for just over four years until my wife pulled me back, saying she needed me to be there with her as her sub cuck.

Being a cuck has nothing to do with a man's cock! It has everything to do with his mindset and his wife's desires.