Bi cuck couple after kids

Jan 22, 2022
We are Chinese cuck couple, we had good sex life before we had kids. After 2 pregnancy, my wife might lose her pressure and we stop fucking a lot. Everything seems slow down even blow job.

But she is great, she wants me to Happy, so she found out I like anal play? She starting put anal plug in me or strap on.

one day I saw her phone exchange naked photo with wife’s woman friend from our son’s school, but I didn’t tell her I know and my dick got wet…

my wife always visit her friends house in the day time, I did imagine they could doing lesbian act. And later I found out they did fuck each other on a strap on…

Later time on their drop box, I found They video record most of their sex act, strap on, share one dildo, pussy licking, toe in pussy… they even fuck and eat a cucumber and carrot. one thing I most jealous is she fuck with her woman friend even when her period… and she never done this to me.

I have been watching their video act by login their drop box until I got caught by her 2021 April. She was crying like crazy when I caught her and she even say let’s move away. Coz that couple live only 2 minute walking from our house.

but we watched all her lesbian sex video on that day and we were ok and had sex 3 time that day. And we started a very strange cuckold relationship after.

I told my wife I want to join and did she fuck with the husband before and she said no. I said let’s do a couple dating with foursome, because her husband has been watching their lesbian video too… I made my wife text her lesbian gf and I watch😆

after around 4 days whatsapp chat together in the group, we decide to have a fun last September.

“Fun start here”

the woman made a rule, they still doing lesbian sex in front my me and Luke(wife’s gf husband) but I have to had gay sex with the husband first…. Before we can start swap or foursome.

we did started from first I can’t kiss luke or touching until we swallowing each other’s cum and our wife’s found it very entertaining.

we had no foursome that day and just wife fucks the wife and me and her husband fucking each other.

we done some crazy act, my wife holding my hand and Luke fucks my ass and cum on my ass and my wife had it all licked.

I cum on lukes cup and his wife ******** in the cup and mix with vodka and let Luke drinks it. They asked me too, but I can’t handle it yet!?

it was first time I suck someone else dick and it taste different to mine.

this was first happen last April. And we done some foursome and swapping now. But what happen the first time really didn’t happen to what I expected 😂