May 2, 2022
Philadelphia, PA, USA
Hello locals, I'm a BWC bull getting back into the lifestyle after a few years away. I'm looking for a new local cuckold couple for something ongoing.

Here's what you can expect with me as a bull:

I'm a laid back guy, very relaxed, open, honest. I value direct communication between all three of us before we start and during our time together. I will always respect your boundaries and there's no judgement in sharing kinks. I want us to talk first, meet in public, and have a real conversation to make sure there's chemistry here before taking that next step.

Inside the bedroom I step into a more traditional bull role. I am more dominant. I know how to take control without being over-the-top. I love to talk dirty and direct play. I enjoy when the cuckold watches, and sometimes I enjoy denying him that too. I love giving pleasure. I love to kiss, eat pussy, finger, make love and fuck hard. I can last long and go multiple rounds in a night. Every time I'm with a hotwife I not only want her to have a good time I want her to have the best sex of her life and I want her cuck to know it. Size and being bigger than the cuck is a huge erotic trigger for me, and part of how I got into this lifestyle.

I am a bull who enjoys the kink. I want to understand what turns you both on and gets you off before we step into the bedroom. I keep the cuck in mind while I'm playing with the hotwife too. I want him to have a great show.

About me:
  • 34 years
  • 6'2" tall
  • Athletic (run, bike, lift weights)
  • Handsome
  • Straight
  • White
  • Well educated
  • Well endowed (true 7 inches very thick and very hard)
  • High stamina
  • Clean, STI tested
  • Fully vaccinated
  • Local
  • Clean
  • STI tested and/or willing to get tested
  • Fully vaccinated
  • No bi play
  • Must verify you're real
Message me if you're local and looking for a bull.
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Dec 21, 2021
You sound like an ideal, Bull.

We are very much the same in how we like to meet and have an open line of communication. Too bad we are not local.