Jun 6, 2015
Long Beach, CA
Then she slid her mouth down and took in every inch of my dick. I was amazed that she could take it all in her mouth, but then she held it there for what was actually seconds, but seemed like minutes. I slapped my forehead and screamed out as the intense feeling of pleasure mounted. The wonderful sensation I was experiencing at that moment was more than I could take. I shook violently as I came in her mouth. I don't know how long the orgasm actually lasted, but it seemed like I unloaded buckets of cum into her willing mouth. I threw my head back, never experiencing any feeling like that in my life. Mary just kept her mouth clamped onto my dick as she sucked me deep and hard, swallowing every drop of my cum. The girl almost drove me crazy with her insatiable appetite.

As I started to regain my composure and I was aware of my surroundings again, I looked around the room. My mind was still clouded from the immense orgasm this girl had just given me, but what I saw was an image that will be stuck in my head as long as I live. Henry still sat in the corner, but his emotionless face was replaced by something different. I watched as he stood up with tears rolling down his cheeks. Right before he walked out the front door he said the words that I will never forget.

"Happy Birthday Mary." He said as his voice cracked.

After that he was gone. I looked down at Mary as she giggled manically. She was looking up at me and a long string of my cum trailed from my cock to her lips. I watched as she wrapped it around her finger and I finally understood. Mary was the one who wanted all of this, not Henry. He had arranged this meeting for her birthday and it had killed him to do it. This nasty, insatiable girl had a craving and her husband had made the ultimate sacrifice to help her satisfy it.

After Mary and I took our showers, we said our goodbyes. She thanked me for a great job and I thanked her for the best night of my life. I kissed her one last time for the road and then I walked out of the cabin. I saw Henry he was rich, successful, and he could have just about any woman that he wanted. His only problem was that the woman that he loved more than anything in the world was a slut for black cock.

My next girl friend was a beautiful blonde ex model from Texas blues and a body that will not quit. Baby was hot. I also shared her I told her that morning that today was the day she would be fucking another dick and I would walk her threw since this was her first time. After a couple of quite hours she came up to me without saying a word and took my hand and placed down her panties to show me how wet she was and said that it was the only thing she could think of all morning. Knowing how excited she was gave me an instant erection and I think I walked around with it the rest of the day.

After I got home that afternoon we got ready and drove the 50 miles to meet Sam. We went to a bar across the street from the motel to join him for a couple of drinks with no definite commitment of doing anything else from us to him. Julie was going to do as I say so I would be making that call.

After a few drinks we all relaxed and I could tell that Julie was enjoying his company and was even feeling Sam up as was Sam to her. I then decided this had to go further.

On my suggestion Julie did not hesitate to agree to go to the room. Once there the two of them exchanged a few kisses while I rubbed Julie's neck and shoulders from behind. When they finished and I slowly undid her blouse and pulled it away exposing her breasts and hard nipples. Wasting not a moment, I took her left breast into my mouth and I invited Sam to take the other.

With both our mouths and tongues working on breasts, her knees began to buckle so I helped her to the bed and things quickly progressed from there.

We both took turns eating and licking her already drenched pussy. First I while Sam got undressed and then Sam took a turn while I got undressed. As Sam approached the bed I could see and Julie could definitely see that he was a good bit larger than I am. From what he had told me earlier about 10 1/2 inches and very thick compared to my 8 1/2 inches.

I watched as Julie's gaze fixed on his dick when he got back on the bed with us. It did not take her hand long to find his dick. I thought I was going to explode right then and there to see my innocent new girl friend hold another man's engorged dick in her hand and stroke it and fondle it.

Eventually, after quite a bit of tit sucking and pussy licking she voraciously devoured his dick, working up and down his thick shaft with her lips and tongue. He had to beg her to slow down because he wanted to last longer. When she told Sam that she wanted that gorgeous dick in her and she wanted him to, and I quote, "fuck me with that dick," I lost it. I shot my cum all over the place and I had not even touched myself. I so enjoy introducing the new women in my life to this lifestyle and have them fuck for my pleasure.

I stood back in amazement as he effortlessly slid the whole length of his dick in her in one slow thrust. Just as his balls were touching her ass she winced with a little pain but she encouraged him not to stop. He did not. In just a few strokes he was pounding my beautiful girl friend's pussy with his thick hard dick.

As I watched I noticed that my dick had never lost its erection. I was too excited by what I was witnessing. After fucking her for a few minutes he asked me to take her for a while. When I entered her I could feel the heat from his dick still there and the fact that her pussy had stretched to accommodate his girth. I shot a second load this time inside her.

As soon as I pulled out of her she had him on the bed and was on top of him riding his dick like there was no tomorrow.

After he had filled her pussy with cum twice and she had her 6 or 8 orgasms. We all laid around naked for a while with Julie's hand on his dick the entire time.

Later when Julie and I got home that night we screwed each other several times throughout the night. It was a way of life for me and fantasy cum true for her.

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