Early Beginnings

Dec 2, 2019
My wife Alana and I are both Vietnamese. We met in high school and at the time, she had only been in the states a few years. She was a natural beauty, tall, slim with long black hair. Compared to me, I was only average looking and didn’t have much experience with girls.

We became good friends and I noticed she had a cute flirtatious personality, but was very naive. She was willing to go out with me, but explained how her father was very hard on her and wouldn’t allow her to go on dates.

She lived in an Asian trailer park community and I hung out there to try to see her. I asked around about her and learned that she had a reputation for being a slut and fooled around with some of the guys in her neighborhood. It was the reason why her family was so protective of her. Even learning all these things about her, I still wanted to be with her, even more than before.

There was one guy, Richard, who told me he was a friend of her dad. He was much older, fifteen years my senior, and we knew each other from playing in an adult soccer league together. He told me Alana had babysitted for him before and he would ask her dad to let her babysit again, so I could come over to see her. I didn’t know why he wanted to help me, but I agreed.

I talked to her about meeting up at Richard’s house and we arranged to do it. I got to his house early and waited around with his kids while he picked her up. When we saw them driving up, his kids wanted to play hide, so I hid with them behind the sofa. When Richard and Alana came through the door, I noticed right way how Alana seemed very close to him.

Even his son saw it and made a comment to me, “she doesn’t love you anymore”.

We all hung out together and had dinner. Richard’s wife was not around, but I didn’t think anything of it at the time. I noticed Richard and Alana had a connection to each other. They joked around a lot and she would lean into him as they talked. She was interacting with Richard more than she was with me and I started to feel jealous

After the kids went to bed, Richard offered us some beer. He was pushing both Alana and I to drink and since it was my first time, I quickly felt drunk. I think Alana was feeling the same way with the goofy way she was acting.

I was waiting for Richard to finally leave us alone, but he continued hanging out with us. He sat down next to Alana while she slouched relaxed on the sofa. I could see Richard looking down at her, admiring how sexy she looked with her nipples pointing against her top and her long legs exposed from her dress.

I had to leave them alone to use the restroom. I was shocked by what I saw when I walked back in on them. Richard was kissing Alana with his hand up her dress. She had her head back against the sofa with her eyes closed.

I stood there frozen until Richard saw me. He had a little smirk and continued kissing Alana on the side of her face while looking my way to see what I would do. I didn’t know how to react, so I sat down on the sofa chair next to them and watched. Alana opened her eyes and saw me, but she didn’t stop him. She looked at me with a dazed naughty look on her face like she was enjoying it.

From my position on the chair, I could see Richard’s hand inside her panties, rubbing her pussy slowly. It was my first sexual experience and I was watching a much older man with the girl I was in love with. Even though I should have been upset, I was horny and my cock was hard against my jeans.

Richard moved his hand to the top of her dress and slowly pulled down exposing her tits. It was the first time I’ve seen a girl’s naked body and she was perfect the way her perky tits jutted out against her slim body. Richard immediately sucked on her big brown nipples while he continued rubbing her pussy more aggressively. He knew what he was doing and had her moaning softly with her head arched back against the sofa. Her dress was now bundled around her waist with her legs spread and his hand inside her panties. This was the image I would always have of my future wife.

She started to moan louder while jerking her hips when he suddenly stopped. While positioned on top of Alana, he pulled down his pants and showed us his cock. It was the first time I’ve seen another guys cock and both Alana and I just stared at it. It wasn’t thick, but long and straight almost reaching his belly button. He pulled Alana to the edge of the sofa and put one of her legs on my knee and held up her other leg, spreading her wide. He pulled her panties to the side and position the head of his cock at her pussy. It happened all so fast, but he pushed himself in, hearing them both grunt at the same time.

I could see her closing and opening her eyes halfway while his cock moved in and out of her, slowly at first and then at a quicker pace. I can still remember the sounds she made with each hard thrust and how they were both breathing heavily. After only a few minutes, he stopped, pulling his cock nearly out, but just leaving the head in her pussy. I could see his body tense up and his cock throbbing as it popped out with a stream of cum covering her pussy. He laid next to her still breathing hard and told me to take my turn.

I fucked Alana for the first time, feeling his cum cover my cock as I slid easily into her. I lasted only a few seconds, pulling out and cumming hard all over her body.
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Dec 2, 2019
After our first sexual experience, I felt confused about what had happened and we never really talked about it again. But whenever we had sex, I kept thinking back to that first time. I thought there was something wrong with me, but at the same time, I was curious.

Three years after that incident, Alana and I moved to the big city for school and work. For about six months, she stayed at her uncle’s house while she went to school. Because I was always there, I got to know her younger cousin Tom well. He was in high school, tall, skinny, and socially awkward.

Tom would hang out with us often. He told us he didn’t have any friends and never had a girlfriend, so we felt sorry for him. Even though I would have liked more alone time with Alana, I didn’t mind him always being around. We would just watch TV or play video games in Alana’s bedroom.

One afternoon, we were in the room when Alana walked in after her shower with only a towel wrapped around her. We both stared at her while she walked across the room to her closet. She put on her underwear with the towel still around her body. Then she put on her shirt, letting the towel drop with her naked back to us. It looked very sexy and I could see Tom watching her.

After we were alone, I asked Alana, “why do you change your clothes with Tom in the room?”

And her response was, “it’s no big deal, he’s my cousin.”

Some weeks later, I wanted to fool around with Alana before I had to leave for the night. Tom was in the room again and I asked him to leave to give us some alone time. He looked disappointed, but left, closing the door behind him.

We got into it right away with me going down on Alana from behind. Then I heard a sound from the door. They were solid french doors with a large crack in between and I could sense some movement in the darkness. I had a feeling that Tom was peeping in on us.

Alana wasn’t aware he was watching, so I continued on until she had an orgasm letting out a long muffled moan. Then I positioned myself from behind and fucked her. Knowing Tom was watching, I quickly came with an intense orgasm. I didn’t tell Alana about it, but it was the best sex I had since that first time.

I wanted to somehow involve Tom again, so the next time we fooled around, I didn’t ask him to leave. I was lying in bed with Alana and put a blanket on top of us. Under the covers, I slip my hand in Alana’s panties and rubbed her pussy. Even with Tom there, she didn’t stop me.

At first, Tom was watching TV and didn’t noticed what was going on. Then I made it more noticeable, so he knew exactly what I was doing. He was no longer looking at the TV, but staring at the movement under the covers.

I don’t know if Alana knew Tom was watching us, but for whatever reason, she was really into it. Her pussy was completely wet and I knew it wouldn’t take her long to have an orgasm. I started moving my fingers faster and reached for her tits underneath the blanket. She turned her head to look at Tom and they stared directly at each other. Right at that moment, she had her own intense orgasm and even though she tried to keep from moaning, a slight hum escaped from her mouth.

Tom looked at her confused and I didn't know what would happen next. I was disappointed when she asked him to leave the room. After he left, I kept an eye on the door to see if he was looking through the cracks again. Like she always does, Alana returned the favor and moved down to give me a blowjob. I could just imagine Tom peeking in and watching his slutty cousin sucking my cock and I quickly came with another intense orgasm.

After that night, I didn’t see Alana for a few days and she called me one morning wanting to tell me something.

She was reluctant, but told me, “late last night, Tom came in my room and said he couldn’t sleep, because his brother was snoring. He asked me if he could sleep with me, so I let him.”

I got nervous knowing that his brother was too young to be snoring and Alana would be so naive to let him sleep next to her.

I asked her, “did he do anything with you?”

She paused for a long time, “no, I slept under the blanket and he slept on top… we were divided by the blanket.”

I kept asking her about it, but she reassured me nothing happened. It was many years later that I found out more.
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