Follow up

Apr 20, 2016
Tuxedo New York
Hey all,
So we met with another couple Saturday night
Checked out a jazz club in the village (manhattan) , had a couple of drinks and made it back to the hotel for a night cap.
The four of us got to the room and started fooling around
This other couple was nervous and not ready for full swap so we had sex with only our own spouses on the same bed
(It’s about comfort levels huh?)
It was fun and the woman were into it but when it was over it left us wanting more
Wife and I fucked the rest of the night and the moment we got home the next day
Have to find better or at least more experienced play dates


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May 24, 2018
baby steps.. they were getting they're feet wet. Important part is it sounds like you probably introduced them to the lifestyle.
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