He sold furniture. And my wife said she wanted him.That she could see he had a good size package through his pants.


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Sep 6, 2018
We were buying furniture in a store. I hate furniture stores. They are like buying cars. Salesmen trying to make a sale. But my wife was approached by this guy who was about 26. He was shorter than her. Good looking. Nicely dressed with a dress shirt, slacks and nice shoes. He was clean cut. Right off the bat he got my wife interested because he led her to the furniture she described. I was just tagging along eating complimentary popcorn. Whatever she liked is what we would get. Whether it was furniture of cock. And then came the flirting. Boom! I knew my wife was interested in him and not just the furniture. I sat on one of the beds and he came over to me to see if there was anything he could show me. That's when he said my wife was nice. I said she likes you. Oh thanks. No. I mean she really likes you. She's attracted to young guys. He turned beet red. Really. Yes. I'm cool with it. It's what we do. His stood there dumbfounded. When my wife came back it was game on. I left to get more popcorn and by the time I got back, she had picked out our bedroom set. I paid for everything and as I shook his hand I asked him. Did she give you her card? Yes. She did. Email her. She's pretty fun.

Well that night she chatted with him and my wife said she wanted him. That he was cute. He turned on the camera to his laptop and flashed her a live stream of him naked. His cock was at least 9 inches. My wife said she normally doesn't like guys shorter. But he was really good looking. He said what I lack in height. I make up in length and thickness.
The deal was sealed. We had him come over about a week later. As soon as my wife answered the door and opened it to let him in they were kissing. She was wearing a see through robe and corset with garter belt and stockings. He 40dd tits were popping out of the bra part. All I heard was oh man. You're beautiful. And they were all over each other in the living room. I just sat there with a hard on while I took pictures. After a bit of cock sucking and pussy licking they went to the room. It's where I watched my wife deep throat his cock. She took it all while he held her by a bunch of her hair. I was so turned on. And then he had her lay down and I watched him as he positioned his big cock at the entrance to her pussy and he slowly slid it in till he was all the way in my wife. My wife let out a moan. And he started fucking her slowly at first. And then harder. With each thrust my wife was enjoying it more. And then hs picked up the pace and started plowing my wife hard. She was digging her nails in his back. And then she came. He grabbed her ankles and kept pounding. My wife was cumming so hard and he kept pounding away. And then she said he was going to cum. My wife said in me. Please. He started moaning and growling as he came in my wife. He collapsed on top of her. They kissed and he got dressed. I showed him out.

And when I came back to the room there was my wife. Legs spread wide open with cum oozing from her freshly fucked pussy. She said get up here. I need more. I dropped my pants and climbed on top of my wife and my cock just slid in. It was so wet and slippery with cum. I fucked my wife while i pulled her hair. She loves that. I but her neck. I could feel his cum dripping down my balls. I asked her while fucking her. Did you like that? Yes! I loved it. His cock was so big. I wanted it. I could feel my wife's pussy tightening she was going to cum again. Kiss me. I kissed her as I pumped my nasty slut wife's dirty cum filled cunt. She started to cum and she put her arms around me holding me in while I fucked her. And then I felt I was ready. I pounded my wife and shot my load deep in her used swollen pussy and I too collapsed on top of her.

My cock was still hard and covered in cum. Both mine and his. We both showered. I asked her if she would fuck him again. She said could I. I really liked him. I gave my permission. My wife fucked him about 9 more times before she tired of him and dumped him for somebody else. But she said he was a good fuck. And could last 45 minutes. Which is what she liked. lety 055.jpg
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Aug 7, 2018
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A salesman in a sporting goods store hit on Stacey many years ago. She used to shop there with our boys when they were teenagers. He made nice and flirted with her every time she came in. On one occasion she was by herself and he asked her to lunch - which she declined. He gave her his card. She told me about him - that he was good looking, younger, and very sexy. We talked a lot about him during sex. Her fantasies ran wild - as did mine. I went by the store and checked him out without him knowing the connection. Eventually she accepted his invitation to lunch and they had sex for several months. She shared every detail with me which only encouraged us more.