How did it all start


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Dec 1, 2018
I am now 61 and even more into the cuck way of life than ever before. It alll started I suppose when I was around 21 with an ex gf. she lived in Blackpool and I lived in Manchester so in those days it was a distance relationship and only seeing each other at the weekends. This one weekend I told her I couldnt get over on the Fri due to work but things went smoother than I thought at work and I was finished earlier than usual so I thought I would supprise her and blasted over there in my new Ford Capri, lol. As I turned the corner of her street I could see her just going out and getting into an un familier car. At first I was angry that she would go out without me knowing I would be there by morning and whats more it was obvious the guy was no stranger as he kissed her at her door and patted her bum as she got in his BMW 635i. I decided to follow them and when I got chance jump out and flatten him and tell her where to go. I followed them only a short distance to the dunes on the south shore, a notorious spot for sexy couples. it was a late Sept evening around 8pm and was going dark but I could see them kissing in the car. I was a few spaces away in front of them with my rear facing their front and I was crouched down on the back seat so they didnt take notice of me but I could see them through my back window. I could see his hand snaking up her blouse and she was obviously busy down below then with a slow break and and glance between them she went down into his lap. His head went back and it was obvious what she was doing. This was the limit I jumped out my car and stormed over to plant the guy good and proper but as I got to the drivers window he was too occupied to notice me and her head was going up and down like a brides nighty. I found my cock was rock hard and aching. I stood back and watched as she worked his cock hard and soon I could hear him groan and she stopped and was sucking his cum and swallowing. I walked back to the car, got in and watched as they carried on. She stripped and got on top of him and was riding him hard throwing her head back and screaming she was cumming. I was also close to cumming and got my cock out and was wanking like mad. with my door open and my interior light switched off I could hear her groaning as she was cumming again and again, by now we were the only 2 cars on the carpark with only a few dog walkers passing (dogging hadn't been labeled in them days) after what seemed a few hours the sounds stopped and I could see the shadows in their car rumaging around getting dressed. After they drove off I went home and came back the next day. I took her to the carpark she was on the night before and she asked why I had parked there, I just said "well you like it here don't you". She was very fidgity at first but I told her the full story and how I was so aroused by it all and that I wanted her to do it again. She admited to me that she had been having sex with a few of her work colleges and if I really liked it she would give me the time and place where she was going to have sex with them

So that is how it started with me. I have since progressed with ex's on spying on them on nude beaches, arranging for them to go to parties where I knew there were in for a gangbang, I have even gone to a party with my ex-wife and pretended not to be with her and spied on her as she was serverely fucked by several rugby players as i stood and watched without them knowing I was with her

I have many many other experiences in the area and if you wish to know more then please just ask and I will tell
The photos of my new wife here were not taken by me


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