How many cucks would suck off his wife's bull if given a chance

Apr 7, 2023
Siendo pareja swinger bisexual los dos normalmente no solo hacemos el oral los dos juntos sino que terminamos desnudos en cuatro uno frente al otro para poder besarnos masturbarnos y hablar sobre las pingas que nos están penetrando por horas
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Feb 23, 2019
When my wife has her monthly, she doesn't have any intrest in sex so I'm required to be her bulls bitch. I have to give him anal and oral on demand. My wife is quite amused by it and enjoys my humiliation. I enjoy the oppurtunity to act as a woman for him and I'm flattered when he complements me on a good performance.
I can relate to this, similar situation with us. Started off with cream pies, then cleaning his cock, then sucking it, swallowing it and of course getting fucked. Wife really enjoys when he covers my face…