How to get her to let me watch

Sep 25, 2021
I know my wife says my little almost 6inches is a tiny prick an I know how she talks about her ex's she's really a size queen now we have a older black friend that she walks around in nothing but panty an top an let's me send him pics hustler stile an now she informed me she knew exactly how late ng our black friends big dick was but of the thickness as well how would she know to the exact you can't by a picture so what ever happened I'm glad it did but shouldn't I get to watch I mean I am her old man an infact it's been a fantasy of mine to watch a hung black man fucking hell out of shot white lady


Dec 14, 2019
Aurora, Illinois
Sounds like there’s a problem with the communication between the both of you. Did you guys have any sort of discussion prior to allowing her to play? I can tell you from experience that a lot of women enjoy being with their other partner alone, this makes it more comfortable for her to be more relaxed and let herself go completely, and not worrying about what or how you might feel seeing her acting like a totally different woman than when she is with you. You’re last comment doesn’t mean anything unless you two had an agreement beforehand. The only thing you can do now is to tell her how incredibly amazing it would be for you to watch them together, and how excited and turned on it would be for you to watch them together, and exactly how much you’d love to sit there and see how much more she must let herself completely go, and how much she has to enjoy getting fucked by him, and how much it would mean to you to get to witness it for yourself. Let her know that once she she’s how hard it will make you, that she’ll enjoy it even more. Good luck!