I finally found a way to get my wife to try being a hotwife


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Jul 3, 2021
Hi Chief,
My hubby shared this book with me and I went from “Are you serious about this fantasy?” to finally understanding the way your guy’s minds work.
I read the book with an open mind and agreed to give this lifestyle a try through role playing using their suggested challenges which took some of the scariness out of trying something way out of my normal comfort zone.
Looking back I guess I’m what you’d consider a vanilla wife who didn’t even own a vibrator to… wow I’ve come so far, and enjoying it.
This book- from my reading is mostly aimed at reluctant or curious wives that are looking for a safe way or path to try out the Hotwife lifestyle. For me it was a book that brought something that was almost unknown to me, except how my husband clumsily tried to explain to me.
Yes, the last chapters do discuss cuckolding the how’s and why’s but it’s not the main part of the book…. But the cuckolding part may be the part I’m enjoying the most - lol.
I would suggest you get this and share with your wife or at least try out some of the fun challenges with your hotwife.
Author of this post obviously wrote aforementioned book 🤡💩🏠
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Nov 28, 2018
I was a lot more direct , made a connection on a phone dating service, then got my wife to talk to him while we were in bed one evening, then we made plans to visit him . It went well , he was black and had 12” , reached placed never before explored , she left his bed sopping wet .
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