Is Your Wife Adventurous?


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Mar 12, 2020
My wife is. I was just thinking of a time where she was coming home late after a night with her boss and got a flat tire. She called and let me know. Just as I was asking her where she was so I could drive there and fix it, she said, "Nevermind, someone's stopped." I told her to keep her phone connected until we knew who it was.

Now, she had just fucked her boss. They had been doing it for quite some time, and I knew about it, of course. Our rule was she tells me what they did, whether it was him, or anyone else, and I was waiting and horny, knowing that we would be having a great time as she told me about her evening with him.

"Hi," I heard her say. "Flat tire, my husband's on his way, thanks." "Well, thanks, that's very nice of you." I heard her say to him. "Hon, he insists on changing it for me." she said to me. "Stay on the line, babe." I said. We did.

"He keeps looking at me." she said as I could hear that he was changing the tire. "Really? Is it creepy? Should I get over there?" I answered. "No, baby, it's OK. I'm kind of a mess from Paul and I didn't clean up too much so I could show you." "Oh, what's he seeing?" I said. "My blouse is not buttoned all the way and I didn't put my bra back on. So, he's looking at my tits. I think he can see Paul's cum on them. And, he's looking at my legs and skirt, too." "I'll be right over. I don't want him to do anything to you." I said, getting scared for her now.

"No, it's OK." she answered. "It's OK." she said, again. "He's a young guy and didn't expect to find me, dressed like a whore, on the road. He's OK. But, I'm going to thank him properly when he's done!" "Ohh?" was my reply. "Yes, hon, "isn't it every guy's dream to find a thankful woman who he can help and then get rewarded with a good fuck, or a blowjob at least? Tonight's his night." she laughed. "Besides, I'm still horny, and want more. I think he heard me. Now, he's smiling." "Well, babe, leave the phone on. I want to hear this!" I said to her, now thinking of the mischief she's starting but also knowing that she was serious about sucking him off.

I heard her say, “Thanks, I really appreciate your help.” she said. “Can I do anything for you before you go?” his reply was muffled, but he said, “No, I should be going, too. I have people waiting for me. “OK, but you’ve been looking at me the whole time, which I’ve liked. Is there something I can do that, maybe, you don’t want to ask for?”

“Like what?” he answered. “Like, maybe, you’d like to see more of my tits? Do you like them?” He said,“They are beautiful. And, they’re making me horny, I guess.” “Here, look at them, I’d like that. Touch them. I’m horny, too.” she said.

Neither of them said anything for a bit, but I heard some movement until she finally said, in a soft voice that I could barely hear, “That feels good. Yes, I like that. Firmer, harder. Yes, yes, squeeze them, pinch them. I like that, too.” I barely heard him say, “Oh, nice. They feel so good. So firm. Nice. I’m getting hard.” “Can I feel it?” she whispered. “Can I feel your hard dick? Let me take it out of your pants. Let me touch it.”

I heard his zipper being opened. “Ohh, yes, you’re very hard and dripping. Let me suck it for you.” he replied. “Here? We’re right on the road. Maybe we shouldn’t. Mary replied, “It's late, sit in my car and no one will come by. Let me suck it, please? It’s so nice and hard. I want to make you feel better.”

He said to her, “No, you sit, I’ll stand next to the car. You can’t kneel there. “Thanks, how nice of you.” Mary said. I heard a thump as she put the phone down and said, “Here, yes, it is so hard. It feels so good in my hands.” I heard him moan. “Give it to me. Lean in a bit so I can take it in my mouth.” Mary breathlessly said. She added, “Feel my tits. Take them as I suck you. Yes, that’s it. Squeeze them, baby. Squeeze them.”

I heard her sucking his cock and his moaning as her talented mouth quickly brought him to his orgasm. “Ahhh. Ahhhh! Ahhhh! Fuuuck! I’m cumming!!!” he called out. “Yess, on my tits, baby. Here. Here. Give me your hot cum!” my wife urged him. “Ahhh…..ahhhhhh...yessss…..yessss! Ahhhhh!” he cried as he spurted on my wife.

“Oh, wow!” he said after a minute or so. “Oh, wow! No girl ever made me cum like that! That was hot! Thanks!” he said. “Thanks!” Mary replied. “I enjoyed it, too. Very much. Thanks, too! Now, I have to get home. My husband is waiting.”She picked up her phone and said, "Did you hear that, baby?" She breathlessly asked. "I can't wait to show you his cum. It's all over me. Bye!"

Now, that's adventurous! Has your wife ever done anything like that? How did it make you feel, if she did?