Late Night Relief


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Mar 12, 2020
She stirred as I pushed my aching, stiff and lubed cock into her dry asshole. I had awakened, still very horny and had looked at her sleeping form next to me. She was on her belly facing away from me. One leg was splayed crookedly, out. Her other was just touching me.

I had no idea what time it was. Only that it was late. The quiet part of the night where there are no cars and no noises. I spent some time gently caressing her back and round ass. I rubbed my dripping cock against her ass and realized that I needed to cum and that I had to fuck her. I found the lube and rubbed it on my cock. I almost came from that alone, but I needed her sweet, tight warmth around it to cum fully, to drain myself in her to be satisfied.

I spread her cheeks and moved a finger to her asshole, rubbing it, softly, barely, around it a few times. She stirred as my finger searched for her pussy and circled it, gently. She sighed and shifted her weight to her side and spread her splayed leg a bit more.

Shifting my weight onto my outstretched arm, I straddled her leg and pulled her ass open. Fully between her legs now, I took my hard shaft and pushed my cockhead into her asshole. “Wha….? What...who, you? No. No, not now.” she protested as my shaft had opened her and was halfway buried.

“No, baby, please. I’m tired. Stop.” she said as I pushed in fully. “No. I need to fuck you. Now.” I firmly said. “You whored around all night and now I need to fuck you.” I forced her legs fully apart now and began to withdraw myself for the next full thrust into my wife’s asshole.

“Baby, baby, no….no….ahhhhh. Fuck…” she trailed off as I pushed myself fully into her again, and again, purposely and strongly. She turned her head and moved her long, luxurious, auburn hair so I could see her face against the pillow. I took her outstretched arms and pinned them over her head.

“I watched you tonight. Teasing those guys. Letting them feel your ass. Letting them feel your tits.” I steadily thrust into her. “You were a real whore tonight.” I murmured into her ear. “How many did you fuck?” I whispered. “How many cocks did you suck?” I whispered again as my thrust became more urgent. “I fucked everyone who wanted me.” she replied. “That’s good, baby. Take my ass. Fuck it.” she sighed as she thrust her ass upwards to reach for my cock. “I sucked lots of cock tonight, baby. Didn’t you see me?” she whispered back.

“You like to watch, fucker. It was our party and you watched me. I had lots of sex. Oooooh, yes…..yes….give me your dick…..again. That’s good, baby. That’s good. Nobody fucked my ass.” she cooed as my cock felt the first stirrings of my orgasm. “You watched me.” she continued, “You fucked me after they did, baby. Did you like my wet cunt? Did you like all their cum in it when you fucked me?” I raised myself up, still pinning her arms.

“Oooohhh…..aaahhhhhh!” she exclaimed as she raised her hips upwards, again, against the weight of my body. “That’s it. Fuck me…..fuck me, baby. Fuck my whore ass.” she cried as she looked back at me. “Yes, whore. I’m cumming deep in your whore fucking ass!” I hissed as I urgently now thrust in her.

“Do it!” she cried. “Do it. You fucker! You fucking fucker. You make me fuck them. I’m your whore. Use it! Fucker!” she exclaimed as I spurted my cum deep in her now well lubricated ass. I held still, my back arched as my cum spurted more. My cock felt excruciatingly alive as it pulsed and spit itself in her. She arched her hips again and again, meeting my thrusts again as the last of my cum oozed from my cock.

I rolled off her onto my back. She turned and reached for my now flaccid, but sensitive cock. “Enough, baby? Had enough of me now?” she asked, softly as her face came near. She kissed my cheek. I turned my face and we kissed, fully, deeply. She climbed half on top of me with her hand firmly gripping my slick, soft cock. “Had enough of your whore now, baby?” she asked one more time. “I could never get enough of you, love.”