Love showing and sharing my mrs

Aug 31, 2022
We have been together for years...she has always been a sexy hot lady..we have swapped a few times and she "hotwifed" for a few we just enjoy each other. We have so much fun and have had since we met. She loves being an exhibitionist..loves giving head..likes to dance and flirt..she keeps my imagination in high gear. She came in from work one day ..I was sitting on the couch. She lifted her skirt and shoved her pussy in my face and said eat me while I tell you about my afternoon. She had a maintenance guy flirting with her at work .The found a spot and she gave him head. Before he came she stood turned around pulled her panties to her knees and let him ravage her till he came. He got to keep her panties. She saw him off and on for some months and always told me what fun she had. She said his cock wasnt big so giving him head was so much fun..she could swallow him. Screwing him was ok but so exciting for her to come tell me of her fun.


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