Meeting our first guy tonight!!

Jan 7, 2017
I've been with my wife over five years now (married for three). During her senior year of college, she had a boyfriend and they had regular threesomes. After a few drinks, she usually tells me all about them which I found very arousing.

Our sex life has plateaued over the last year so we talked about spicing things up with a threesome. I noticed an excitement about her I'd never seen before as this was the first time we discussed it seriously. We started watching cuckold porn and role playing. It feels like we're dating again.

We talked to a bunch of guys online and found one we both like. We're meeting him tonight for drinks and I am nervous! I feel like I'm getting cold feet but can also tell my wife is very excited so I won't cancel no matter what. It's just a meet a greet tonight so I don't know why I'm this nervous!

I assume cold feet is normal? I go from wanting to call it off to a rock hard erection in no time!
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Sep 28, 2016
Here she is getting ready! Fuck I'm nervous!
Yes please share the rest of the story!! Good luck and relax if your wife loves u and you both have discussed your rules and limits and your hopes with each other??! If you communicate and express any feelings and unhappiness with each other then you could find yourself on your way to be most exciting and kinky adventures either of you could imagine!!!


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Jan 5, 2017
Yes we are waiting for an update. It is fun to think back to that first time meeting. So many firsts. I remember getting to the hotel room for the first time and grabbing that door handle and telling her that once we go through that door our life will never be the same. Those words were true. It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. I would not give it up for a life of committed monogamy. The lifestyle has been worth the price of admission
Jan 7, 2017
Wow what a night! We agreed it was a meet and greet but it ended up being a meet and fuck. The guy was laid back and nice. The attraction was obvious between he and my wife. We hung out for quite a while drinking when I proposed a room at a nearby hotel.

The sex started slow and was pretty awkward at first. I didn't enjoy it much at all until they really got going. My wife got on top of him and that cowgirl rode until she came. Once that happened they forgot I was in the room and really went for it. The guy was young and came quickly but was able to rally in no time (ahhhh to young again).

Overall, it was a great experience filled with emotion and excitement. It was a much needed spark for our own sex life which has been constant since that night. I can't wait to invite our new friend over for round two!