My Fantasy about Being a Prostitute

Have other women had a similar fantasy?

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Ralph & Ann

Sep 6, 2016
New York
I have written a previous story regarding this long desired fantasy and it was sort of enjoyable to tell such a long held little dirty secret and hear all the comments from my husband and very close friends. My first version was not as naughty as this one. It was similar to the movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Mmm, I wouldn’t mind rolling around in bed with him!

OK, back to reality… I am happily married, live an extremely pleasant life, and while not rich by any means, am not so destitute that I would have to actually sell my body for money. Yet for some unknown, deeply hidden reason, I have fantasized about this for a long time. What really turns me on regarding this fantasy is the thought of being a common street prostitute on a street corner in incredibly revealing clothes or on a back road in the park partially naked. I don't know if this fantasy is shared by other women yet the mere thought excites me. I love the idea of being nude both in the house and out. I am not sure why but being naked and barefoot outside just thrills me. Being barefoot makes me tread lightly and watch my steps closely so running becomes somewhat demanding which puts me at a disadvantage to any onlookers. I’m like a deer caught in the headlights of car and it’s very exciting! I love the feeling of being so exposed. I guess I’m just an exhibitionist at heart. In fact I got caught naked in my yard late one night by my widower neighbor. He stared intensely but never said a word, but that’s a story for another time.

My husband likes when we go out and I wear tight, revealing clothes. He likes the looks I get from other men and I must say so do I. But that’s just looks. However, to wear revealing clothes to attract men for the purpose of having sex is something so different, so naughty and yet so exciting I shake with excitement as I think about it. I once read about a woman who was a true nymphomaniac who did this very thing because she enjoyed sex so much. I wouldn’t put myself in her category but I will come close in fulfilling this fantasy.

I live in the suburbs of New York. There is a less then affluent neighborhood a few towns away with a park where prostitutes hang out. It is a somewhat isolated location and just being there dressed scantily and being available to the next interested man has me berating heavily and my mind racing. I imagine what it would be like to step up to a car that stopped. Leaning in the driver’s window not knowing what sort of man is inside. As we talk I allow him to fondle my breasts and invite him to lift my short skirt to rub and squeeze my ass with his rough hand. What sort of perverted desires does he have? What kind of fetishes would he want me to carry out? What positions would he want me in? No matter what he asked for, I would be obligated to do it. I am literally going to be used on this back road of the park. Oh how vulnerable I would be (well, not really, my husband will be there too, but out of sight.) Now I have to muster up enough courage to put on some revealing clothes and get out there to do this. I figure, even if I said "yes" to just one man my fantasy would be fulfilled, but to be true to this fantasy a few hours of entertaining strangers is more in line with what is expected to be a true prostitute.

When I expressed this fantasy, in detail, to my husband he supported me all the way. In fact he was as much in favor of me doing it as I was. The more we talked about it the more we both wanted it to happen and so… it was finally time to go through with it! My fantasy was about to happen!

~ Ann ~
May 28, 2017
We never actually did that but it has been a fantasy of ours. Years ago, when camcorders first came out, we tried to make a movie about me being a prostitute. It was just me and my husband, so it didn't turn out very good but it was fun doing it. I dressed up real sexy and went downtown at night in the "redlight" district. I had lots of men coming on to me. I even got questioned by the police but we told them we were doing a video for a college class. Then we made videos of him paying me then of us having sex. We tried to edit everything together but editing techniques were very primitive back in those days. So it was alot of fun but we really needed at least one more person to make it better. If we ever do it again, We will at least have a camera man and hopefully some other actors.


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May 26, 2017
My wife is pretty conservative and therefore not a hot wife, but admitted to me that even she had fantasies about being a prostitute. She has self image issues, and so she said for he it was the idea of being a high end call girl where guys were willing to spend a lot of money just to have the pleasure of having sex with her is what intrigued her. For me...but I am a guy and thus her is of her being a street prostitute for all the reasons you mention. Not knowing.who, when, why or how...

Like SoutherCouple, my wife is perfectly fine with her being a Lot Lizard at a local truck stop, just as long as it is role playing and its me she ends up with and in my truck.

But to actually go through with it is not only hot, but incredibly brazen.


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Nov 8, 2016
I did it in the 90's ,just for fun at first but it quickly became an excellent source of income.I was lucky enough to have a great friend that's been a madem for a very long time,she helped with my fantasy at first then helped book me for her high end clients.I still do bachelors parties but only 2 a year.and yea I charge.xoxo Lynn

The Jersey hubris

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Jan 9, 2018
Fantasies are a wonderful distraction
but housework must be done.

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But I also take time to relax
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Sweetheart I used to run a escort business. You would think it would be awesome until you see some of the kinds of guys to come through. There are some who hate to bathe, or have a weird fetish hard for you to stomach. when that happens a girl does not feel sexy at all