My Fantasy about Being a Prostitute

Have other women had a similar fantasy?

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Sep 9, 2018
My hubby and male friend were aresseted by Fairfax county police on several charges for filming a car pickup like yours. It took lots of explaining and interviews trying to obtain a gov't clearance for a job.Police agencies are rated by numer of arrests. I wil be watched now after posting this message.... Watched and things "happen" to cars, credit , bank accounts.. All to prove someone's abilities to bring folks to justice!!!!!


Jul 8, 2017
My wife has done several paydates...inviting guys over to party and asking for money...sometimes with a girlfriend...very hot to watch :)


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Sep 9, 2018
I have written a previous story regarding this long desired fantasy and it was sort of enjoyable to tell such a long held little dirty secret and hear all the comments from my husband and very close friends. My first version was not as naughty as this one. It was similar to the movie “Pretty Woman” with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Mmm, I wouldn’t mind rolling around in bed with him!

OK, back to reality… I am happily married, live an extremely pleasant life, and while not rich by any means, am not so destitute that I would have to actually sell my body for money. Yet for some unknown, deeply hidden reason, I have fantasized about this for a long time. What really turns me on regarding this fantasy is the thought of being a common street prostitute on a street corner in incredibly revealing clothes or on a back road in the park partially naked. I don't know if this fantasy is shared by other women yet the mere thought excites me. I love the idea of being nude both in the house and out. I am not sure why but being naked and barefoot outside just thrills me. Being barefoot makes me tread lightly and watch my steps closely so running becomes somewhat demanding which puts me at a disadvantage to any onlookers. I’m like a deer caught in the headlights of car and it’s very exciting! I love the feeling of being so exposed. I guess I’m just an exhibitionist at heart. In fact I got caught naked in my yard late one night by my widower neighbor. He stared intensely but never said a word, but that’s a story for another time.

My husband likes when we go out and I wear tight, revealing clothes. He likes the looks I get from other men and I must say so do I. But that’s just looks. However, to wear revealing clothes to attract men for the purpose of having sex is something so different, so naughty and yet so exciting I shake with excitement as I think about it. I once read about a woman who was a true nymphomaniac who did this very thing because she enjoyed sex so much. I wouldn’t put myself in her category but I will come close in fulfilling this fantasy.

I live in the suburbs of New York. There is a less then affluent neighborhood a few towns away with a park where prostitutes hang out. It is a somewhat isolated location and just being there dressed scantily and being available to the next interested man has me berating heavily and my mind racing. I imagine what it would be like to step up to a car that stopped. Leaning in the driver’s window not knowing what sort of man is inside. As we talk I allow him to fondle my breasts and invite him to lift my short skirt to rub and squeeze my ass with his rough hand. What sort of perverted desires does he have? What kind of fetishes would he want me to carry out? What positions would he want me in? No matter what he asked for, I would be obligated to do it. I am literally going to be used on this back road of the park. Oh how vulnerable I would be (well, not really, my husband will be there too, but out of sight.) Now I have to muster up enough courage to put on some revealing clothes and get out there to do this. I figure, even if I said "yes" to just one man my fantasy would be fulfilled, but to be true to this fantasy a few hours of entertaining strangers is more in line with what is expected to be a true prostitute.

When I expressed this fantasy, in detail, to my husband he supported me all the way. In fact he was as much in favor of me doing it as I was. The more we talked about it the more we both wanted it to happen and so… it was finally time to go through with it! My fantasy was about to happen!

~ Ann ~
I am so happy you have decided to play like that. You will find role playing so exciting.Take several condums with you.U


May 22, 2018
My wife and I have both had this fantasy for years. And like you its not the escort type of fantasy. It's the skimpy clothed, street corner, type prostitute that waves down cars and barters the price right there on the street. Then its off to a dark location, into the backseat with legs in the air, and his cock plowing her pussy for all he's worth. But the risk of getting arrested, out weighs the desire to actually try it. The closest she has ever come, is she has used her pussy as a bartering tool. In her younger single days, she traded her pussy for beer a few times. And once she traded a fuck for car repairs. That one was to a friend of mine a couple weeks before we married.
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Sep 21, 2018
My husband put an ad online with pictures of me as an escort. We got 2 rooms at the local hotel and waited for phone calls. My husband was in the next room watching on his laptop as 6 men fucked me that night. He even watched me go down to the bar where I was picked up on and fucked in my room. I was dressed like a slut, I was so wet and horny all night.


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Feb 4, 2019
In this fantasy do you pick the men yourself or are they selected by your husband or pimp and you work from a bedroom by having men call in so you don't have to hang around the streets?


Mar 6, 2017
Might be a fantasy but if I were you I"d keep it just that.
Your taking your life in your hands...…..
Dec 31, 2017
My husband put an ad online with pictures of me as an escort. We got 2 rooms at the local hotel and waited for phone calls. My husband was in the next room watching on his laptop as 6 men fucked me that night. He even watched me go down to the bar where I was picked up on and fucked in my room. I was dressed like a slut, I was so wet and horny all night.
Mmm you could make money easy your sexy as fuck and she looks like a slut
When I was BBC exclusive, I had several Lovers who pimped me......but not the Street Whore version. I was put in a room in a club, or up in the DJ's booth, and guys would come up and tell me what they paid for and I would do what they said they paid for. I never knew how much, nor was given any of the $$ but we never had to pay any door fee's, for drinks or food once I became the Club Whore.

One Lover tho wanted to "put me on the streets" working for him to pay for his drug habit (which he was getting me involved in also despite my husband TOTALLY disagreeing with this being a medical professional) and I was HOT TO TROT to do it!!!! The thought of working the streets dressed like a total whore and picking up random men for any kind of sex they wanted turned me on like nothing ever before!!

What REALLY turned me on was that he refused to have sex with me if I used my diaphragm (I broke EVERY rule I agreed to with my husband with this guy, he was a BAD influence!! Loved it!!) which was all the birth control I used. He would make me remove it in front of him (and his friends) to PROVE I was not using any birth was HOT to put it in at home to prove to my husband I was using it, nd then be "forced' to remove it in front of my Lover or sometimes a group of guys he had at his house that he planned to share me with that night. And he told me that when he "put me on the street" I would have to do that same thing before going out streetwalking....remove my diaphragm, leave it with him, and have unprotected sex with any guy that wanted to pay for it!!! LORD it made me drip thinking about this. Still does!!

Luckily (?) he ended up in prison before this could happen and a big blow up with my husband resulted in me giving up my BBC lifestyle shortly thereafter. This guy has contacted me recently and asked me if I would come and visit him for a conjugal visit, says he can arrange it. I REALLY want to do this, but have not worked up the nerve to tell my husband yet....or that he says he can arrange for my to do the same for other guys there also. Sounds HOT to me and I'm sure he would be "selling" me in some manner. Like I said, he is BAD NEWS but DAMN I can't stop myself from wanting him and the crazy things he comes up with!!

I am a well paid and well known (in my profession) Corporate Exec and if this ever got out I'm sure it would ruin my career.....but I can't stop WANTINg to do this for this guy!!

J (the wife)
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Jun 20, 2019
It was a fantasy of mine for Margaret to prostitute and to my surprise when I brought it up she got a big smile on her face.
Come to find out my wife had turned many tricks before we met! I knew she had worked as a full nude stripper in Tampa but had no idea she had worked as a prostitute.
The following weekend she was out walking the street!
It is a huge turn on for us both.

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But we get the photos for free. Publicity? #hehe