My hot Latino girlfriend


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Jun 4, 2016
Jen does not know about this tasty treat. Yes Jen is sexy hot but a little spicy Latino babe on the side doesn't hurt. Keeps my cock interested in Jen when I fuck Mylene. Mylene's tits are larger than Jen's but Jen has a nicer ass. Mylene's feet are more sexy than Jen's. All in all they are both great fucks....Mylene is a little more active and loves to suck. Jen is more conservative and wants to kiss lots. Cumming in either one of them is wonderful. Mylene's talent is in her hips...she can grind out the cum in any cock.294528_10151166185396195_1357682011_n 1.jpg 386235_10150514033521195_1450413701_n 1.jpg 390453_10150514064036195_351221525_n 1.jpg 1923620_9074921194_2871_n2.jpg 1929887_20600036194_6951_n2.jpg 1929887_20600321194_3258_n2.jpg 1929887_20600326194_3592_n2.jpg 11249094_10153504401741195_1513575848156458562_n.jpg 12289709_10153566458111195_7395557092290829636_n2.jpg