My wife fucks others sometimes, but this one will probably remain a fantasy...

Aug 16, 2021
My wife fucks other men sometimes. Not often, though I don't complain. More than most wives do! lol. Sometimes, when she is in a hot spell, she has been very wild and wanton. But other times, she is shy about doing anything very wild, and just wants to have romance, viewing things that excite me as being too "pornographic" for her taste. This means she has never allowed me to watch, or even for the other man to know that I know. Just having them know seems to her to be "perverted". It's not, and she knows this, because she doesn't consider either of us to be perverts, and often says how we shouldn't follow the rules others set up for us. But in reality, she worries what others will think, or say, about her.

Like so much in this thing, it is rife with contradiction. For example, she recently had a lover whom she encountered and met regularly in a club devoted to her particular ethnic community (Russian). At the Russian Club, she was hardly what you would call discrete. It was an open secret that she was with him. No one "knew", strictly speaking, but they all (correctly) assumed it to be so. They danced and flirted openly and even in the photos I saw of her that she posted online, their body language told the tale. He would call her, at home, at all hours, and talk to her, sometimes in very graphic terms, while I was at home. Never even asking if I knew or what did I think. But neither of them wanted it to be acknowledged that I knew. It's complicated stuff!

I love her playing alone. I have had experience in the past with watching, and I love it, but the imagined images are generally even hotter than IRL. Plus the powerlessness to stop it, the knowing that she can really cut loose and give herself to another man when alone with him, in a way that would be difficult or impossible with me as an audience. Hot. But yeah, I'd still like to watch. To see his cock inside her, to watch her cum on it and all the other naughty things.

For some reason, what really turns me on is the idea of it happening more or less organically, spontaneously. Perhaps alluded to as a possibility, but not knowing how it will play out, and then having it unfold slowly. The whole time, right up until it happens, none of us being sure whether it will, but realizing that things are getting hot.

My fantasy of how that might unfold is vague in certain places. For example, how it starts. So I'll start from the point where he is at our home somehow. I know she "likes" him and has sometimes talked about how she wants him sexually, but knowing her, she shies away from full admission because she doesn't want any possibility that he would reject her while she is wanting him. So she plays it cool. Still, she has admitted to me, perhaps during our hot pillow-talk, how she wouldn't mind to fuck him, and how she knows he wants her. This part has actually happened, with various men, and without it ever progressing to their intimacy, so that is quite real to me.

Somehow, he ends up at our home for dinner. Maybe we needed help with some task, and he agreed to come help me move some furniture, or to do a repair that is beyond my scope. Something like that. And by way of showing appreciation, we invite him to stay for dinner and drinks. None of us are big drinkers, so it is noteworthy to me that she is having a couple of drinks. She is nervous, and instinctively knows this will settle her nerves, and also that it will give her an "excuse" for any naughty behavior. If he reacts negatively, she can play it off as if she were just too buzzed. She also knows it will lower his inhibitions as well, and give him the same excuse. And yet, she is mindful not to overserve him in a way that might impair his ability or desire.

We enjoy a nice dinner and clear the table. I mix up a pitcher of margaritas and we're all getting a pleasant buzz. She has been learning to dance two-step and invites him to try. He says he doesn't know how, but she offers to teach him. In fact, I help her, by demonstrating what we have learned together, and now she invites him to try, which he does. We're all having a good time with it. I'm running the music, so I put on a slow song, and then excuse myself to the restroom, pausing to dim the lights a bit on my way. As I return, I make enough noise to warn them both, and stop off in the kitchen to refill the pitcher.

When I return, I see that they both look a little bit "guilty", for lack of a better word. But ignore it. Maybe they are, probably they aren't, and it's just in my mind. Or theirs.

They take a break from dancing and we return to the table to enjoy our drinks, and I break out a deck of cards. We begin to play a Russian card game (durak), which is simple but fun. Every Russian knows this game and plays it. The unusual feature of this game is that there is no winner to the game, only there is one loser (the durak, or "fool"). In some circles, a condition of the game is that the fool of each round will have to perform some act of foolishness. Maybe sing a silly song, or whatever. Which has always struck me that the game would be perfect as a strip card game. Which I'm sure it sometimes is!

For some reason, the idea of strip poker always thrills me. From an early age. I think it is about the uncertainly of where it is leading, since in most cases, I think it starts as a sort of "dare", and if my own limited experience, people generally chicken out once it starts to become truly "interesting." It is therefor riddles with sexual tension, along with uncertainty. Perhaps hope for some, dread for others, and a degree of nervousness for almost all. (continued)
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Aug 16, 2021
As the drinks kick in, I notice them sharing an occasional furtive glace at each other, shy, knowing smiles, and I can feel sexual tension (or think that I do... want to). I begin to suggest with my behavior that I am more intoxicated that I am. Not sloppy, but showing clearly that I am buzzed and feeling uninhibited due to the alcohol. A couple of off-color comments, which everyone laughs at nervously. I want to push things along, but I'm nervous. I don't want to embarrass her in front of our guest, nor to make him uncomfortable, or give him something to gossip about. But we can all sort of "feel it." Or, again, perhaps that's just wishful thinking on my part?

I work up my nerve, knowing that it will probably be obvious what I'm suggesting, saying that we need to require something of the Durak, in order to keep the game properly interesting. "Oh yeah?", she asks me. "What did you have in mind." There is clearly suggestivity in her tone, She is being provocative, but giving herself room to retreat and deny that this is the case.

"I don't know," I lie. "It's a Russian game. What sort of things do Russians do?" There is an awkward silence. No one wants to say what I suspect we are all thinking. Finally our guest blurts out that the only time such a dare was ever truly interesting was when they were kids in high school, and someone suggested the Durak had to remove an item of clothing. We all laugh nervously a bit, and I ask, "So how did that end?" He laughs and said, "Well, a couple of the guys got their shirts off, and one of the girls got down to her bra and panties, Then she lost again and got all flustered and refused to go further and the game fizzled out." I told how that had been my experience too, in playing strip poker years ago. "But it was fun while it lasted!" I laughed. "That's for sure" he eagerly agreed.|

"So, you guys are chicken?" my wife asks. "No," I laughed. "It wasn't the guys who were chicken, it was the girls who always lose their courage to continue!" She laughed, and said, "I guess we'd never find out if I'm chicken or not, because I don't lose very often at durak. I've always been lucky in this game!"

"Well alright then! Challenge accepted!" I declare boldly, taking the cards and beginning to deal the next hand. "But that's not fair!" she protests. "You guys have more items of clothing that I do!" It was true. We each had on shirt, pants, underpants, a belt and socks. Whereas she is wearing a one-piece sundress over her panties and bra. "But you said you never lose, so what's the difference?" I countered. "Well...still." I could see that she was a little nervous, especially at seeing this was actually looking like it might really happen. As I finished dealing, I sealed the agreement by conceding, "OK, socks and belts don't count as an item. In fact, we'll just take those off now to make it fair from the start." I peeled off my socks and stood up to remove my belt, as our guess paused, wondering if I were serious. "C'mon! The cards are waiting!" I chided him.

She was clearly becoming nervous now, but not in a bad way. Just unsure. Our guest heaved a sigh and peeled off his socks and belt as well. As he did so, I refilled everyone's glass to the brim with the margaritas, which I had intentionally mixed strong. Raising my glass in a toast, "To health, happiness, and....a little bit of naughty fun!" We toasted and all drank deeply, nervously, and began to play.

As she predicted, she started out strong, and our guest and I took turns being the first Durak, and now both of us sat shirtless. "Ready to quit?" she teased. "No quitter here!" I answered boldly. "I'm in!" our guess agreed. And the game continued.

Fate intervened, and she lost the next hand. Laughing nervously, she said, "OK, you're right. I'm the chicken!" "Nope!" we both chimed in, telling her that she didn't get to quit so easily. "After all, we're not high schoolers. Anyway, you are so sure you won't lose, so it must have been a fluke, right." She blushed deeply, and then stood as though to remove her sundress. Then at the last moment, she sat down, saying, "No, you aren't going to get me so easily!" And with that, hidden partly from view by the table, she wriggled out of her panties, leaving herself completely covered. "Ta da!" she chimed, as she produced the panties from under the table, waved them playfully and then tossed them aside. Both his eyes and mine followed them as they landed on the floor, and I wondered if he also noticed, as I had, the damp spot in the crotch of her discarded panties.

On to the next hand, which, much to her chagrin, she also lost. As before, she opted to leave her dress on, and managed to wriggle out of her bra. This time, rather than cast it onto the floor, she tossed it casually onto the table, in front of our guest. "Enjoy it while you can," she teased. "Because that's the last time you'll see me lose!"

For a while, it seemed she might be right. I lost the next hand, and joked that too bad I couldn't so easily just take off my underwear while leaving my pants on. I pulled off my pants and tossed them aside, feeling a bit sheepish about the erection that was now protruding. Kindly, neither of them noticed, or pretended not to.

Now the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife and I wondered if everyone else's nerves were as much on edge as were mine. "I need another drink," I laughed, and refilled everyone's glass again. We were all now feeling distinctly buzzed, no longer any need to pretend about that.

He dutifully lost the next hand, and without hesitation, stepped out of his pants. There was no mistaking the fact that he too was sporting a nice erection in in short. My wife noticed, and smiled, and shot a look at me to see if I had noticed. I showed her that I had. Whether intentionally or otherwise, she licked her lips and then bit her lower lip. I couldn't help but think about that damp spot I'd noticed in her panties and wondered what was happening down there now.

"OK, well I guess this is where we find out who is chicken and who is not!" I teased. "In fact," I continued, "We need to preclude anyone from chickening out, if we are going to continue." "And how do we do that?" she asked. "OK, here's the deal," I answered. "From this point on, whoever loses a hand, must agree right now that they will not chicken out. But if they find they don't have the courage to continue to remove the next item, they can opt to accept a dare from each of the other two players. One dare at a time, and if they refuse either of the dares, then they MUST remove the next item. OK?" This seemed to offer at least a potential for a way out. "Like what? What kind of dare?" she asked.

"No limits on the dare. It can be anything and everything. After all, you always have the option to refuse it by taking off that next item."

"What if I lose and I accept a dare, but then I don't accept the second one?" she continued. "That's the thing. You have to accept both dares. So the only sure thing is to forego the dares and remove an item. Otherwise, you could end up having to do a dare and then still having to take off the next item," I laughed.

"Next item? Ha!" she answered. There is only one item left for any of us!" "Well, there you have it!" I answered. "So, are we all in? I am!" I said. "I'm in!" he chimed it quickly. She remained unsure. "What are you worried about?" I asked. "After all, you never lose, remember?" "Yeah, well evidently I was wrong about that!" she laughed, nodding towards her bra on the table. "So?" "Oh, OK!" she said with resignation. "Deal!"

I started to deal, but before I could, he jumped up and said he needed to run down the hall, so we paused the game. After he left, I whispered to her, "Are you OK?" She smiled and nodded quickly, though nervously. I placed a hand on her leg, and she flinched nervously. "Relax!" I chided her. "I know, I know! Easier said than done though!" I reached in to kiss her and as I did so, I slid my hand up under her dress and moved it quickly to her pussy before she could react. She gasped as I touched her and pulled back, looking at me wide-eyed. What was impossible not to notice was the extreme wetness she was experiencing. As my hand approached her pussy, already I could feel that the inside of her thighs were literally drenched with moisture! (continued)
Aug 16, 2021
She understood what I had noticed and commented nervously. "Oh my god, I'm so horny right now!" "Yes, I see that!" I answered. Then taking her hand, I placed in against the front of my underwear, so she could feel the incredible hardness of my erection. "And you're not the only one!" I noted. "I'm sure he's the same, too!" I continued. This caught her attention. "Do you think so?" "Yes, I think so. But you can look for yourself when he comes back." She smiled sheepishly. "I don't need to. I noticed, and you're right. So . . . what now?" she asked.

"That's entirely up to you, of course," I answered. "But I hope he fucks you tonight!" "Oh my god!" she responded, with mock outrage. Just then he returned to the table, so further conversation was cut short. I did notice that as he took his seat, she checked again on his considerable erection. Noticing this, he smiled a little, at which she blushed and looked away.

The game continued, and I was the first one to lose. "I'm not shy!" I boasted and quickly stepped out of my underwear, now totally naked, and no mistaking my state of arousal. He lost the next one, and was a little slower to undress. Turning to her, he asked her, "So what do you think? Should I accept a dare?" "You can if you want," she answered. But I'll tell you up front, my dare is going to be for you to remove your underwear." "Hey, that's not really fair is it?" he objected. "The deal was ANY dare," she countered.

"Well then, I suppose I have no choice!" he said, and rose to remove his underwear. Doing so slowly and teasingly at first, starting with popping the uncircumcised head out of his waistband, and then pulling them down to expose his entire shaft and balls. The tip of his cock was wet with a big drop of pre-cum, a strand of which clung to his underwear as he pulled them off. I watched her hungrily as he exposed his cock, enjoying how she let her eyes rest on it, biting her lower lip in unmistakable anticipation of what now appeared to be the inevitable trajectory of our evening.

I stood up and moved to dim the lights just a bit more, adding further to the sexual anticipation in the air, my cock rock hard, announcing to all my enthusiasm and encouragement of the way things were going.

As we played out the next hand, I couldn't help but notice that she made several blunders in her play. I wondered if it was due to being flustered or distracted, or whether she intentionally wanted to lose. In any event, that's how it played out. She lost the hand. She sat nervously for a while, saying nothing, just looking back and forth at us nervously. "So?" I finally asked. "What will it be? Get naked or take our dares?"

"I'm shy," she answered. I'm going to have to take the dares! But no fair daring me to remove my dress! If you do that, I'll quit and put everything back on!"

"OK, dare then," our guest blurted out. "I dare sit on your husband's lap and let him fondle you any way he wants to." She blushed deep red, to which he continued, "Or... you could refuse the dare and take off your dress!"

I moved my chair back from the table so she could mount my lap, which to my disappointment, she did in sidesaddle fashion. I began by caressing her breasts, first one and then the other, and then continued by sliding a hand up under her dress to fondle her dripping wet pussy. She half-heartedly resisted, struggling a bit to keep her dress from riding up, but then allowed me to have at it. She turned further to the side, effectively seeing him from seeing all the action taking place down there. But I could feel it. She was even wetter now than she had been before and she didn't try to conceal the enjoyment she was taking at my touch.

No time limit had been imposed on the duration of the dare, but since my dare was to be next, I stopped after a minute or so and withdrew my hand. "My turn to offer a dare now." Realizing the position she was putting herself in, she looked at me wide-eyed, wondering what I might propose. Then she asked for clarification on something that hadn't been established. "Wait, what happens if I refuse the dare? Then I have to remove my dress, at which point we're all naked. The game ends then, right?"

"Nope!" I laughed. When any player is naked, that player can no longer remove clothing, so they must accept a dare. But since they have no option to refuse the dare and remove clothing, we'll make it just one dare, to be offered by the player to their right." "Hmm," she laughed. "Seems that you have this all thought out already! OK, so what's your dare?"

"Ok, let's see. I guess a variation of the same dare. He can't very well sit on your lap though, so instead, you'll move to the couch where you'll sit next to him and fondle his cock and balls for at least a minute. While you kiss him on the mouth."

He unhesitatingly moved quickly to the couch, but she hesitated and considered her options. Finally she moved over to the couch, took her seat next to our guest, and gingerly reached to touch him. Just a timid touch at first, then wrapping her fingers around it, she began to fondle it in earnest, jerking it up and down and reaching down to cup his balls. He moved in to claim his kiss, which she accepted eagerly. As I watched them, I took my own cock in my hand and began to stroke it. The lights in the other room where we had been were dim, and I got up to dim them a little more and to turn off all other lights, knowing this would lessen any remaining inhibitions she still had. I quickly put on some soft, romantic music, then resumed my seat, stroking my cock.

It was not included in the dare, but now he moved his hand under her dress and as he pushed towards her pussy, she allowed her legs to splay enough to encourage his approach. I watched for a while, not wanting to breathe for fear of breaking the spell. At one point, she looked over at me, smiling softly as she saw my hand stroking at my dick and then returning her mouth this his for enthusiastic kissing as she continued to slide her hand up and down his hard cock.

She broke away from his kiss but continue to stoke his dick, now looking intently at it in her hand as she fondled it. She looked over at me again, now with a look on her face that said, "I'm out of control. I can't help myself." She looked at me like that, looking directly into my eyes for several moments, truly looking helpless to control her lust, and then looking back to his cock, she closed her eyes, and lowered her mouth onto it, sucking it with hunger and desire.

After sucking him for several minutes, she looked up at me again, her eyes darting back and forth, as if to ask me "What now?" In answer, I just smiled as I nodded my approval. Of whatever she might have in mind. I saw her gears turning for several moments as she considered what to do next, her eyes continuing to take in the sight of his cock in her hand, now wet with her saliva. Finally, she stood up, again looking towards me helplessly, reached back to unzip her dress and let it fall to the floor, now standing completely naked before him as he sat admiring her body. Taking her ass in his hands, he pulled her to him and began to kiss and suck and her breasts, then slowly kissed down across her belly, fingering her snatch. Finally, he turned her around and gently moved her back onto the couch. She easily complied, moving fully back onto the couch and lying back, her legs parting easily.

In a smooth movement, he slid down between her legs, which she continued to open for him, and pulling her towards his face with his hands on her ass, began to kiss her pussy. Her hands took his head and held him as he ate her, her hips rocking hungrily and rhythmically, soft moans and gasps of pleasure escaping her mouth with regularity. He slid up, his hips now moving between hers, and I watched her hand slide down to his cock, disappearing between them. I could not see it, but I understood she was guiding him to her opening.

I watched in disbelief as I understood that he was about to fuck her. It didn't seem real, and I found myself wondering if he really would. Silly thing to wonder, but it was hard to believe this was actually, finally happening. I heard her gasp suddenly, and still, I kept thinking to myself how he was going to fuck her soon. Then I felt myself becoming suddenly fully aware of reality. His hips were moving up and down between her spread legs. He wasn't "about" to fuck her. He was already inside her and I was watching my wife fuck!

Soon she was moaning and loudly vocalizing her pleasure, as was he. She was kissing him deeply as he fucked into her slow and soft at first, then a furious "slap slap slap" of his body against hers as he fucked her with abandon. Then came the sounds of his impending orgasm. He moaned intensely and began to gasp. I knew he was stiffening inside her, and as she heard this, and felt him swelling inside her, she grabbed his ass and pulled him firmly into her, insisting with her actions that he empty inside of her. As she began to cum on his dick, it sealed the deal for him, and he could no longer hold back. He began emptying his balls into her, with one salvo after another, his cum overflowing her cunt, spilling onto our unprotected couch.

That's my fantasy. Of course it doesn't end there. The night ahead in this fantasy would be filled with all manner of naughty couplings, not the least of which would be me pressing my mouth against her sperm-laden pussy, feasting on the scent and taste of another man's sex in my wife's unprotected pussy. Watching him spray his sperm into her face and hair. And maybe, just maybe, watching him be the first to take her virgin asshole?