Aug 7, 2018
Tampa, FL
Many years ago we had a similar experience - sorta. Stacey (in her late-30s at the time) would take our kids to the local mall for clothes shopping and frequented the same athletic store each time they went. One day she said that a young salesman man (turns out he was in his early-20s) was paying a lot of attention to her each time she went to the store. She felt a bit uncomfortable especially since the boys were with her though she admitted to looking forward to each visit. One day she went to the store alone while the boys were in school and he hit on her by flirting and complimenting her. Asked her if she was married (she wears a wedding ring) and why she never shopped with her husband. Fairly bold I thought. He asked her to lunch but she declined and promised maybe next time. The next time she went to the store she wore a somewhat short blue jean skirt and loose blouse with the intent of giving him an eyeful. Which she did. She tried on a pair of walking shoes with his assistance and exposed her panties frequently while trying the shoes on and gave him several views of her breasts though wearing a bra. She bought the shoes and he reminded her that she had promised to go to lunch with him. Again, she told him she couldn't because of time and promised she would next time. He gave her his card and she went about her shopping. We talked about the experience and as is always the case I was turned on beyond belief as I pictured Stacey exposing herself and flirting with the salesman and his likely reaction to seeing her panties up her skirt and her breasts each time she bent over to tie a pair of shoes. I went by the store soon thereafter and bought a pair of shoes from the same salesman. He seemed like a nice guy - articulate, physically strong and handsome. I imagined that he was probably popular with the ladies. When I got home Stacey and I talked about the next step. She said she wanted to have sex with him and I approved. She started texting this guy and eventually, after a day or two, he sent her a nude photo at her request. He was hung - I don't know how big but I'm average and he was 2 or more inches bigger than me plus more girth. Stacey and I both were turned on the more we talked about it. To make a long story short, they eventually met for lunch and went to a local motel that afternoon. The kids were in school and I was at my office. Each time Stacey had (has) sex with another man, the mixed bag of emotions is such a turn on. She texted me from the restaurant and told me where they were going and that they both were sexually charged throughout lunch. He kept touching her shoulder and back and being very complimentary. At one point she kissed him at the table. He walked her to her car in the parking lot and kissed her before she got in her car. At that time he reached under her dress and felt her up. She grinded against his hand while standing beside the car. Stacey said she was soaking wet by then and so horny she would have had sex in the parking lot if nobody had been around. I sat in my office unable to get any work done that afternoon while I imagined their sex. They spent only about an hour together that afternoon and met on occasion for about year or so and she continued to shop at the same store. Eventually he moved or changed jobs and she never had contact with him again. The text messaging stopped and emails weren't answered which was somewhat expected. We still talk about her experiences with him in the store, parking lot, motel, nearby park, restaurant ... you name it they tried it. Each time I knew about their sex and would stand by impatiently for her to return home to share her experiences.