She maybe getting shared tonight


Nov 23, 2018
Very hot. It's funny how a little alcohol can convince people to do anything...
Alcohol may help her relax a little , but it's her willingness to take advantage of the available cock without her husband knowledge that the real driver I would suggest.
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Mar 31, 2018
My wife Amy is on alittle vacation with some friends of mine that that invited her. I couldn't go this time because of my job. She left on the trip last Sat.
Here she is when I sent her off at the airport:
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Since she as been there she has been having fun with the guys. There is 4 guys with her. They own a cabin on a lake. Anyhow. I guess last night she was drinking with them and getting real flirty with them all. Today while they on on that lake I got a message from on of the guys telling me everything. And he asked me straight out if I would mind if they did get a chance to get with her tonight and she was willing if it would be ok with me. I said yes ! Go ahead ! But inform me on everything that happens. And send me any pics if possible.
So now I'm waiting.
Here some more pics of her having fun today:
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I'll post any updates here.
Awesome, good work hubby.